29 July 2005

I forgot to mention

Two events of note this week that happened that are pretty cool:

1. I finally got to experience a true tradition of international competition -- the 'swag swap', where members from different national teams, etc. trade clothes, hats, pins, whatever. Edgar Betancur from the Colombian team came to me after the Scratch Race and asked if I wanted to trade some Synergy gear for a piece of the Colombian National team outfits. I thought that was pretty cool, plus the blue, red and yellow of the Colombian team was neat. We swapped skinsuits, my Synergy 'new style' suit for his team suit. cp also traded him their road outfit, a long sleeve jersey and shorts for the Synergy jersey and shorts. Pretty cool. Now I have something to wear to the Glenmore track that will have lots of stories attached to it!

Dennis made an interesting note about this tradition. It seems that as far as cycling is concerned, this type of swap seems to only happen in track cycling (in North America anyways). I've never witnessed this in international road cycling circles. I wonder what makes track cycling unique? It is a common tradition there. Interesting. Dennis is fascinated by the underlying homoerotic sub-text of it all, but I think it's simply a cool way to get unique things that give you a special identification, or at least that you've made a connection with other racers from other parts of the world.

2. I got a note this week from Randall Shirley in Vancouver. He is editor of the Gay Canada Guide, a national travel publication. Randall used to run with our Frontrunners group in Calgary and since him and his partner Kevin moved to Vancouver late last year, we've been keeping in touch. (And I paraphrase) He is planning on starting a new segment called "Everyone Has Baggage: What's in Yours?" It'll feature a prominent or notable gay Canadian in a one-page photo format, and a brief interview about what you always take with you when you travel--either for work or pleasure. Sort of a "what I can't live without," and "what makes travel more enjoyable" type of piece.

He wants to feature me for the debut! It might be a great way to get more recognition--especially in advance of Gay Games and OutGames. Maybe help out in my quest for sponsorships??? How cool is THAT? I'm honored Randall thought of me!


Mrs The Experience said...

Very very cool Reid!

Reid Dalgleish said...

Everyone has baggage: What's in yours?

Don't forget to bring a towel!