18 July 2005

Homage to George Hincapie

Hincapie wins at Saint-Lary-Soulan

I just had to show my respect to this man. He is a terrific all-round rider and has been Lance's consistent workhorse on the USPS/Discovery teams for many years. He's been riding in the Tour for 10 years and finally gets his dues.

From letour.fr:
“I’m in a state of shock right now.” George Hincapie admitted that he had just won the biggest race of his life and it was natural that he didn’t quite know how to handle the attention that was lavished upon him at the finish of the hardest mountain stage of the 2005 Tour de France. It was an inspiring display with so many consequences that George found it difficult to come to terms with the reaction.

Way to go George! Your a superstar in my books!


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome finish. You could practially feel his emotion when he crossed the line. It was humourous to see the people at the podium presentation directing him to the proper people to shake hands with. TEN YEARS! Geez that's a long time to wait. Funny he doesn't have the strained, pained facial look that all road racers get after years of racing. - Dennis

CanaGal said...

it was amazing to watch. We were all cheering for George!

Veronica said...

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CanaGal said...

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