20 December 2010

A Little Running Ditty

They say that running's good for you
So do it every day
It makes the sun shine in your heart
It pushes clouds away!

The more you run, the more you'll smile
`til people stop and stare.
They'll ask you what the magic is...
Perhaps the clothes you wear?

Even when your legs are sore,
When you can barely move...
Get out of bed, you sleepy head,
And find your running groove.

Ignore the doctors when they say
To listen to your body...
For if you do, it screams and yells,
And says "take up karate!"

Achilles Tendons, they will whine,
And Plantar says "Don't go!"
Hips and knees will plead with you
They're not your friend but foe!

Unless they're black or falling off,
Nails are rather dumb!
Who needs nails? They are a waste
of precious calcium.

Just tune it out, the whole damn thing
From toe to empty head.
For if you listen, you'll be found
Alone and sad in bed.

Your ass will fill with fatty cells,
Your belly it will swell,
Your lungs will shrink,
You'll lose your dink
Your feet will really smell!

So run, run, run, You Dicks and Janes,
Put on those shorts and shoes!
At Seven Miles you'll find those smiles
Have pushed away the Blues!

08 December 2010

Ah, Memories

This will be remembered at one of the pinnacles in Vancouver's history!  What an amazing time it was; it's very hard to believe it was almost a year ago already.