29 July 2005

I forgot to mention

Two events of note this week that happened that are pretty cool:

1. I finally got to experience a true tradition of international competition -- the 'swag swap', where members from different national teams, etc. trade clothes, hats, pins, whatever. Edgar Betancur from the Colombian team came to me after the Scratch Race and asked if I wanted to trade some Synergy gear for a piece of the Colombian National team outfits. I thought that was pretty cool, plus the blue, red and yellow of the Colombian team was neat. We swapped skinsuits, my Synergy 'new style' suit for his team suit. cp also traded him their road outfit, a long sleeve jersey and shorts for the Synergy jersey and shorts. Pretty cool. Now I have something to wear to the Glenmore track that will have lots of stories attached to it!

Dennis made an interesting note about this tradition. It seems that as far as cycling is concerned, this type of swap seems to only happen in track cycling (in North America anyways). I've never witnessed this in international road cycling circles. I wonder what makes track cycling unique? It is a common tradition there. Interesting. Dennis is fascinated by the underlying homoerotic sub-text of it all, but I think it's simply a cool way to get unique things that give you a special identification, or at least that you've made a connection with other racers from other parts of the world.

2. I got a note this week from Randall Shirley in Vancouver. He is editor of the Gay Canada Guide, a national travel publication. Randall used to run with our Frontrunners group in Calgary and since him and his partner Kevin moved to Vancouver late last year, we've been keeping in touch. (And I paraphrase) He is planning on starting a new segment called "Everyone Has Baggage: What's in Yours?" It'll feature a prominent or notable gay Canadian in a one-page photo format, and a brief interview about what you always take with you when you travel--either for work or pleasure. Sort of a "what I can't live without," and "what makes travel more enjoyable" type of piece.

He wants to feature me for the debut! It might be a great way to get more recognition--especially in advance of Gay Games and OutGames. Maybe help out in my quest for sponsorships??? How cool is THAT? I'm honored Randall thought of me!

Northern Report

First time in front of the computer in a week....

So, I'm hanging out at my bro and sis-in-law's place in Red Deer right now. I've been here since Thursday night -- I have a full day and a half off of racing, but I'm heading back up to Edmonton again tomorrow morning for the Criterium race around the Legislative Buildings tomorrow afternoon, then it's back to Calgary late tomorrow night, and to Cochrane Sunday morning for the Ride for the Wild Roses ITT. I'm commissairing the Bow Hill Climb race Sunday night at Canada Olympic Park and the Provincial Crit Championship race is the Tour de Bowness on Monday. Then it's back to work again on Tuesday. Whoopee!

This has definitely been one of the best weeks of my life. On top of the fact that I'm the new uncle of a wonderful little girl, I've had unbelievable success at the World Master Games in Edmonton. I had hoped that I'd do well but never expected to be taking home FOUR medals (maybe another one tomorrow??? hee hee). It's been the experience of a lifetime, and I've met many wonderful people from all over the globe. It's also been a great week to bond with the teammates -- we've been spending an inordinate amount of time together this week at the road races, at the track, and all points in between. We've also taken in some of the other sports going on like track and field, swimming and diving, volleyball, and tennis.

This summer has been like a dream. I'm so happy that all the hard work and dedication I've put toward training have paid off so well. It's always the hardest in January and February imagining what the season is going to be like and having metaphysical discussions with yourself about the worth of everything and whether the ends (podiums, medals, meagre prize money) justifies the means (the training hell to get there). All I can say is that the feeling of winning can't be beat. I have so many people to thank for all their help getting me to where I am and keeping me focused on the goal. Keep the eyes on the prize, folks!

Once the long weekend is over, it's time to buckle down and get back to reality. I think I've had my head in the clouds for about a month now -- I can't recall getting anything of worth done at work, but looking at my work email today, there's lots to look forward getting back to.

It was nice to have today off. I was getting a little burned out hanging out at the velodrome everyday this week, and I wanted to come and see how Treslie was getting along. Her and Chloe were napping this afternoon, and Owen got home from work around noon, so I headed out for a recovery ride around 3pm. I headed east of town towards Delburne, swung around the Joffre Nova Chemical plant, and back into Blackfalds before heading south to Red Deer. I beat yet another incredible storm system by a half hour or so. It's been raining in the afternoons and evenings here and in Edmonton almost everyday since I've been up here. I'm not sure what that's all about.

Anyhoo, wanted to post some pics, write a few blurbs. I'll be back in full reporting mode next week. In the meantime, enjoy the long weekend everyone! I hope you're feeling better Jeff.

World Masters Games Report

Here's a series of pics from the various races and podium finishes over the past week. I am so blessed!

Synergy team at WMG - John Plant, me, Craig Good, cp Walsh, Dave Corr. Stu Harbottle is taking the picture and Chris Hooper and Brian Kullman are missing...

Synergy team at Road Race Podium in Hawrelak Park

Scratch Race Podium - Thursday - Victor Ordonez Escobar (Guatemala)(silver), Chris Hooper (gold), me (bronze) at Argyll Velodrome

Kilo winners - me (silver) and Chris Hooper (bronze)

Kilo Podium - Wednesday - me (silver), Steen Madsen (gold), Chris Hooper (bronze)

Pursuit Podium - Chris Hooper (silver), me (gold), Jaime Alberto Garcia (Colombia)(bronze)

Going for the gold - Tuesday 3K Pursuit (3:48.5)

Reid & Craig Good, bronze winners - Sunday after Road Race medal presentations

More of Treslie

So, here are some more pics of Treslie. I stopped in Red Deer en route to Edmonton on Monday the 25th for dinner, and returned again on the evening of Thursday the 28th for a day of relaxing.

Reid & Treslie

Treslie - Friday 29th. She's definitely looking a lot more human and less simian (as all newborns do) as she gains back some weight and gets some depth in her cheeks.

Treslie absolutely HATED the flash after this picture. She gave me the 'f**k you' grimace once the flash went off. I suspect the film over newborn's eyes makes them pretty sensitive to light and such. Do you think that's the reason why we end up having to get glasses is because of all the flashes that go off in our eyes when we're babies?

20 July 2005


Why do I volunteer? Is it the stress of knowing those that benefit from all your work show you no appreciation whatsoever? Fuck!

Every year someone on the team screws us over by not being able to volunteer at the casino and not providing a volunteer to take their place. And then one of us poor schlep Executive members has to take up the slack. Surprise, surprise, it's happened again. Guess who's turn it is this year? It's really an unfortunate coincidence that the casino for Synergy was scheduled for the two days before World Master Games. Our turn only comes up every 18 - 24 months, so it was shitty luck.

I'm scheduled to work the AGLC casino tonight in the countroom, and I found out last night from Natasha that I'm now going to be working the same shift tomorrow night too. That 10pm to 3am boys and girls....and still appear at work in the morning. On top of that I have to be out of Calgary by 8 a.m. on Friday in order to get up to Edmonton, accredited at the Games Center for the racing starting on Saturday, and then back to Red Deer for lunch before heading back to Edmonton in the evening in order to settle at Gregg and Daryl's place. If I make it through the next 36 hours without some illness, then the goddess above is looking down on me.

So, to all of you in the blogosphere, I wish you all well if I don't talk to you in the next couple of weeks. Have a great party Jeff! Do both boys and grrls Nat! Get over your headaches Nancy! Watch your intake Sara!


For the love of Jebus, please remember the lesson!

I love this quote from Mark Morford. He is SO ON!

This is a quote from one of his first post-Indian Ocean tsunami articles. This really puts it all in perspective. We really all are alone, vulnerable, small, insignificant. What does it all mean? What are we supposed to take and learn from this thing called life?

"Maybe you see such horrors, as I tend to do, as a call to carpe diem, to cherish the day and enjoy the moment like never before and maybe make a change in your life and your perspective before it's too late and because you have nothing, really, to lose, and because life is frighteningly fleeting and it can all be literally washed away in the time it takes to walk your dog to the park and back.
Primordial. Primeval. Prelapsarian. Many other polysyllabic words come to mind to describe the tragedy that only seems to point up the fact that we know far less than we think we know about How It All Works and even less about Why the Hell We Have to Be Here to Witness It.
And what's worse, there's not a damn thing we can really do about it all, except get slapped, again, with the fact that life can be unspeakably violent and brutish right alongside stunning and beautiful, and there is not a single place on the planet that is absolutely free of potential catastrophe or epic disaster or slow and painful rebirth. Nowhere.
And therefore, no matter how many luxury resorts and how much money and how many McMansions and how many manly SUVs we gather desperately to ourselves like hollow and ultimately useless security blankets, this very fact, this slippery transitory insanity, is in our blood, our cells, our genetic code.
And in the end, we realize terror has nothing to do with angry Islamic fundamentalists or right-wing Christian warmongers, and everything to do with surviving this mad shocking circus so as to milk this experience for all it's worth and haul its cartload of shimmering and bloody and fragile lessons to the next level, the next life, the next Mystery.
Could the lesson -- if there is one -- be that simple? And that incredibly difficult?"

It is written....

Well, I guess same-sex marriage is officially legal across this entire fair country as of today. Sorry Veronica, but dat's da way of da world. I'm proud to be from a nation that respects diversity and equality at the same time. I wonder if Canada tries to be too accommodating sometimes, but I think that approach fosters a lot healthier outcomes than the other option which is denying people what they require to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted. This approach just fosters animosity and hatred. It's the way Canada works, and it seems to work well for us. I worry sometimes though that it's all just PC and hype and political manoeuvreing and not genuine. I'm not naive - I realize that a lot of people just pay lip service to avoid confrontation (that's sort of a Canadian trait as well) - but I hope that our federal legislation is something bigger than that, something more pervasive, permanent, idealistic. I do agree that protecting minorities is very important. The majority certainly cannot understand or even imagine to understand the needs of a minority, especially a privileged majority that has never had to challenge their worldview EVER.

I'm still not sure if civil marriage is for me. The institution at a fundamental level is SO paternalistic and out-dated, plus it almost feels to me like it essentially takes the place of personal responsibility (like so many other things in society today) which is a complete, utter cop-out of your commitments. I'm sure one of the main reasons marriage was developed was to keep deadbeats in line, legally forced to fulfill their commitments. Another example of a few idiots wrecking things for all of us.

It also means something completely different to those couples that have children. I can totally understand why they want marriage - to ensure protections and guarantees of their children's well-being and security. It may not work for me personally, but that doesn't mean I won't defend it as an option for myself or others. Marriage has always been optional for everyone, no matter what the conservatives might say otherwise. It also was never originally a religious institution either, but that's something entirely different.

I'm glad Ralphie has given up trying to fight the legislation in Alberta, but in his peanut-brained perspective of things, he's still fostering animosity and hatred by differentiating gays and lesbians as a group unworthy of equality and vowing to legislate more protections provincially for those that don't want anything to do with us. If these people would only get to know us, well...they might not dislike us anymore? What a concept!

"Wow! Those homos are just like you and me. They're everywhere and simply trying to get the same things out of life as I am. Boy -- why was I so scared and threatened by them?"

What is the fear and threat? It's all about the butt sex, kiddies. Another thing to discuss on another day.

I have always dreamed of getting married in a big fete in Kananaskis though, I must admit. Or how about the beach on Prince Edward Island? Or Stanley Park in Vancouver? Wouldn't that be the wedding to top all weddings? Classy all the way. I'd be just as excited for the engagement party, which will be an all-night underground rave with a super-DJ flown in from Ibiza to spin for the evening. Lots of buff go-go boys in latex dancing on platforms, plus the obligatory cocaine and whores....*sigh* Maybe it will come true someday. I truly believe I'm now legally equal to EVERYONE in Canada now. It's a really awesome thing. I just hope now that we're equal, that doesn't mean Pride parades and festivals and gay circuit parties now don't hold the same meaning anymore. The straights have church; the gays have Black and Blue.

19 July 2005

The new family

The First Pics....

Baby Treslie

I got the first pictures of Treslie this morning from Owen and Chloe. Isn't she the most beautiful thing ever? I can't wait to meet her on Friday.

18 July 2005

Homage to George Hincapie

Hincapie wins at Saint-Lary-Soulan

I just had to show my respect to this man. He is a terrific all-round rider and has been Lance's consistent workhorse on the USPS/Discovery teams for many years. He's been riding in the Tour for 10 years and finally gets his dues.

From letour.fr:
“I’m in a state of shock right now.” George Hincapie admitted that he had just won the biggest race of his life and it was natural that he didn’t quite know how to handle the attention that was lavished upon him at the finish of the hardest mountain stage of the 2005 Tour de France. It was an inspiring display with so many consequences that George found it difficult to come to terms with the reaction.

Way to go George! Your a superstar in my books!


OK, so I've decided to take Monday off of work.

Last night was fantastic. We got to Tantra just as Cary Chang was finished his set and Falco Fabi from Montreal went on. He played an excellent progressive house set that got the crowd moving. The dancefloor was packed all night.

Deep Dish came on around 11:30. They opened up the set with some great electroclash stuff (think Fischerspooner) and moved into their more familiar territory around 1 a.m. Surprisingly they weren't moving into the progressive house genre so much and focused more on their trademark sound that has made their concept albums so different from their remix work and compilation stuff, which is much deeper house.

All in all, it was a very good night. The crowd was in great spirits and it was a great mix of people. There were lots of sisters out and about last night too.

Joe and I had discussed not going into work today, so I was surprised when he got up this morning and left. I was up around 8 a.m. to call Myles and let him know I was taking a vacation day -- unfortunately this hasn't stopped the support call phone from ringing. God I hate this thing. We're supposed to be starting a phone rotation here soon. IMHO it can't come quickly enough. Save for the week in April when I was in Tucson, I've been attached to this phone psychically since before Christmas.

But I digress. I have financial work to finish up for the Synergy Exec meeting tonight, and I might even get out for a bit of a spin today on the bike since it's so hot out. My hip and leg are still sore, so I'm trying to take it easy.

I'm thinking of taking Friday off of work as well and head up to Red Deer Friday morning to see Treslie before heading to Edmonton Friday night. I'm not sure how this will all play out yet.

Our other neighbors in the penthouse opposite to us that have roof access have been letting their cats out to wander around. Gizmo and Bandit discovered them this morning. Through our slightly opened office window, Bandit and the cats were exchanging some choice words and claws. I had never seen the boys act so aggressively! Gizmo was interested but quiet as always. Bandit was the freak-a-zoid, but now Gizmo appears to be the one who has maintained interest in monitoring the windows for their return.

17 July 2005

Deep Dish

The boys are playing for me tonight!!!

Tonight I finally get to see Deep Dish again. I am so excited! I'll have to provide a review tomorrow...

"The Dentist and the Tooth Fairy" book launch

Book launch "The Dentist And The Tooth Fairy". Authored by Dorota Skrzypek and illustrated by Jerome Prieur

Saturday night fireworks post-gallery from our balcony. Sunday is the final day of the 2005 Calgary Stampede.

Us @ Quab Gallery

We had a lot of fun at Quab. The book launch went well and a few of Jerome's paintings were sold. Book launches are also planned for San Diego and New York in the fall.
After the gallery was closed, Doug, Joe and myself headed back to the apartment for some bevvies. Jerome and Bruce joined us for the fireworks and pizza afterwards.

I'm an uncle!!!

Just got word this morning from my brother that Treslie Lillian Dalgleish was born this morning at approximately 6 a.m. She weighs 6 lbs., 14 oz. I'm an uncle! Awesome!

16 July 2005

Google Image Search Results Survey

Okay, so I don't know how Nancy keeps getting me to do these stupid things, but here are the answers to the survey for me:

Age you will be on next birthday:


Not sure what this means - I'm a Cold War relic?

Mother's middle name:


I'm sure if my mother was American, she'd be all for the stars and stripes bikini accented by the aluminum foil pashmina.

Favorite colour:

Navy Blue

Yowsa! This was the best result of the lot. I LOVE NAVY BLUE! Oh thank you, gods of Google!

Bad habit:


Man, is that what my brain looked like this morning? No wonder I feel so blue the morning after!

Favourite fruit:


I love the bananas! Wearing them is the only way to use 'em - other than the 'other' use, of course.

Favourite animal:


Why are cat's asses so freakin' hilarious? Chocolate stars for everyone!

Last name of favourite teacher:


Nan Rae was an old-school English teacher - any teacher in the Canadian education system today is a hero by my standards.

Name of a pet:


Sarah Michelle Gellar? Not much of a surprise when Googling 'Buffy'.

First car:

1981 GMC truck

What an old guzzler beast that thing was. Survived my adolescence in that thing though. My dad still drives the damn thing today!

Your first name:


Richard Reid --- great. I don't like my name anymore. It was a toss up between Richard Reid and Tara Reid. The terrorist won.

Your last name:


Man, I've been discovering my last name is a semi-popular place name esp. in former British colonies. And Antarctica, apparently.

Best friend's name:


This picture was so disturbing I had to get it. It does not reflect on either Ryan or myself. Like, who would want this moment immortalized on film? Yeesh.

Name of significant other:

Joe Gallant

Joe Gallant and the Illuminati - "Blues for Allah Project". Illuminati and Allah all in the same reference. Very telling of my bf's influence!!!

Your birth month:


Saddam Hussein, eh? I thought this was so bizarre a reference to December (it was the month he was captured, apparently).

Your home town:


A pic of the Grand Canyon for Grandview - big surprise. Apparently that's what the railroaders said when they were building the track through what was going to become my hometown.

Where I live now:


I have such a love/hate relationship with this 'burg.

Favourite band:

Chemical Brothers

I LOVE Tom and Ed!

Favourite thing to do:

bike racing

Was there any doubt? A homage to Super Mario is due.

Your full name:
I actually found a logo to the Australian Capital Territory Sporting body returned when Google Imaging my name here. How strange...

I'm such a tool


I got up this morning and headed to the coffee shop to meet the running group (I am good at making brunch - making the run on the other hand...not so good). It was raining by the time I headed home. I was on the singlespeed and taking the sidewalks in order to avoid red lights. I went off the sidewalk to avoid a couple walking on the street and was heading back up onto the sidewalk, when BAM! My front wheel slid underneath me and I went skidding on the sidewalk. Now I have a big cut down my thigh and cuts on my ankle, calf and knee. Fuck! I have ANOTHER abrasion on my right hip. I don't know what karmic influence keeps me landing on that hip in crashes, but I'm already saving up for that hip replacement I'll need in my early forties. And I'm supposed to be cloistered in seclusion to 'save' myself for the WMG races next weekend.

You think I'd be bashed up more while racing, but it always seems I kill myself when I'm riding alone. Maybe that's where the karmic balance works out...

Joe and I went to his work party last night. It was fun. I made a hard effort to get drunk and was satisfied with my success. We rode our bikes home from the party in Martindale. At 1 a.m. in the morning, 36th St. is a great ride. I'm planning on getting some sleep this afternoon and we're heading to Jerome's art show opening at Quab around 7pm. Hopefully we can get a gang together to head to the bar afterwards. I haven't been out in a month!

Baby update....there's still no baby yet. I got a call from Owen this morning and all systems are normal. He's strangely calm. I think I'm more anxious than the rest of the family combined!

I bought the new Deep Dish "George Is On" CD yesterday in anticipation of the set at Tantra tomorrow night. Boy, does it ever sound like "Junk Science". "Flashdance" and "Dreams" are proof that even the best of the best are getting overzealous with mash-ups. I do like "Say Hello" though. There are a few other good ditties on the album. I wonder how the set will play out tomorrow night.....

15 July 2005

Thoughts for the day, plans for the weekend

So, I've checked out everyone's blogs today and pondered over the discussion I had with Jeff and Natasha about the state of the world. I'm much calmer today than I have been over the past few days. Jeff is right -- things may or may not get really bad, but how much of it is in my control? I can get on my soapbox and proclaim what a great person I am for not owning a car, but what about the rest of it? What about everything in my house made of plastics and synthetics? My massive CD/DVD collection? My computer? My clothes? My bike (no! not the bike!)? They're all part and parcel of the same system. We're ALL addicted to oil, and just like all addicts, we're at the point now we can't see how the substance we're addicted to is slowly killing us. Unless we can get checked into Betty Ford very soon, it will probably do us in. Addiction is NEVER healthy.

I've jokingly told Ryan and Joe that I'm going to buy my dad's farmland in remote Manitoba and build a compound, learn how to shoot guns, get off the grid and live off the land. I probably won't let religion get into the equation since, you know, it's so STUPID and all, but other than that it could be just like a scene from any post-apocalyptic movie you've ever seen!

Anyways, in lighter news and the reason why people do carry on -- NO, Owen and Chloe haven't had their baby yet. Today is the due date, so no early one. I've already lost my bet on the day the baby would arrive (I think I predicted around the 12th). I'm so excited to be an uncle.

If the baby doesn't come over the weekend, there's lots of other stuff going on. The Stampede thankfully ends this weekend. Joe and I are probably going to play slo-pitch tonight with Apollo and then head to the house party of a girl Joe works with. Tomorrow night is the art show opening for Jerome at Quab Gallery. Hopefully Jeff, Doug and the gang will go. It will be fun to hang out with Jerome and Bruce again. I'm hoping everyone will stick together for the evening, watch the fireworks and then head to the club.

I hope to get out running with the Frontrunners gang tomorrow morning as well. It's felt like forever since I've seen anyone!

It's been a DJ overload this week. The clubs in town typically try to pull some big names into town during Stampede week. Nick Warren played Tantra on Wednesday, Kaskade played the Whiskey last night, and on Sunday, Bad Boy Bill plays the Whiskey while Deep Dish plays Tantra. I picked up tickets for DD on Wednesday -- I can't wait! I haven't seen them since Natasha and I went to see them at the Guvernment in Toronto a couple of years ago. I love their house music sooo much. I wonder what the new album sounds like? I've heard a few songs off it, but I'll get the full dose on Sunday. Anyone else want to go?

I can't believe the World Master Games are almost here. I'll be heading up to Edmonton next Friday.

14 July 2005

Tom Boonen pulls out of Tour de France

WebPosted Thu, 14 Jul 2005 10:50:07 EDT
CBC Sports

Belgian sprinter Tom Boonen withdrew from the Tour de France on Thursday due to a knee injury.

The 24-year-old Boonen, who won two stages of this year's Tour, hurt his right knee in a crash during Wednesday's 11th stage. It was his third crash of the Tour.

Boonen said a broken blood vessel under the kneecap caused the joint to swell.

"Doctors took out 80cc of blood this morning ... and it's full again," Boonen said. "I tried to ride the bike this morning but I couldn't stand up. I hope it's not lasting damage."

Boonen pulled out of the race prior to the start of Thursday's 187-kilometre stage from Briancon to Digne les Bains.

His departure means he relinquishes the green jersey as leader of the sprint competition to Norway's Thor Hushovd.


How devastating! Poor, poor sprint-savvy, beautiful Tom. The TdF is a heartless bitch mistress.

Spanish Equality

This is a quote made by Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in the Spanish Parliament as the same-sex marriage bill was successfully passed into law:

"Today, Spanish society is responding to a group of people who for years have been humiliated, whose rights have been ignored, their dignity offended, their identity denied and their freedom restricted," he said. "Today Spanish society grants them the respect they deserve, recognizes their rights, restores their dignity, affirms their identity, and restores their liberty.

"We are not the first [to do this] but I am sure we will not be the last," he said. "After us will come many other countries, driven, ladies and gentlemen, by two unstoppable forces: freedom and equality.

"[This is] a small change in wording that means an immense change in the lives of thousands of citizens. We are not legislating, ladies and gentlemen, for people who are far away and unknown to us. We are expanding opportunities for the happiness of our neighbors, our work colleagues, our friends, our relatives.

"It is true that [gays] are only a minority but their triumph is a triumph for everybody ... Their victory makes us all better, makes our society better."

Give that man a pile of awards.

13 July 2005

Check out these stats....

And you wonder why the American Dream is caving in on itself? It's called UNSUSTAINABILITY!

News: The American Dream just keeps growing. Since 1970 the size of the average new home has ballooned by 50 percent. “Great rooms,” Viking ranges, 10-acre lots—can moats and turrets be far behind?
March/April 2005 Issue

Since 1950, the average new house has increased by 1,247 sq. ft. Meanwhile, the average household has shrunk by 1 person.

The National Association of Home Builders’ “showcase home” for 2005 is 5,950 sq. ft. That’s 15% bigger than last year’s model.

The Unabomber’s legal defense team cited the size of his shack—10’ x 12’—to buttress his insanity plea.

1 in 4 Americans want at least a 3-car garage.

88% of American commuters drive to work.

76% of those drivers commute alone.

The number of Americans with commutes of longer than 90 minutes each way has increased 95% since 1990.

Since 1982, 35 million acres—an area the equivalent of New York state—have been developed.
More than 50% of exurban lots are 10 acres or larger. Exurban homes account for 80% of residential development since 1994.

In 1950, 1 in 100 homes had 2.5 baths or more. Today, 1 in 2 do.

14 million households own 4 or more TVs.

Americans spend more to power home audio and video equipment that is “off” but still plugged in than they do to power such devices while actually in use.

Such “energy vampires” consume 5% of the nation’s electricity.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition recently gave a 6-bedroom, 7-bath, 7-television house to a family of 4.

Americans with cable TV have 30 hours of home-improvement programming available to them each day.

Sales of Sub-Zero and other “premium” and “superpremium” refrigerators have been rising by 15% a year.

1 in 5 new homes is larger than 3,000 sq. ft.—the size at which it becomes unmanageable to clean without hired help.

The average cost of a luxury kitchen remodel is $57,000. That’s $10,000 more than it costs to build a typical Habitat for Humanity home.

Suburban and urban kids use illegal drugs, have sex, fight, and steal at the same rates, but suburban kids are more likely to drink and smoke.

0.03% of U.S. homes are fueled by solar energy. 0.4% lack complete plumbing facilities.

People who live in cities use half as much energy as suburbanites.

If Americans bought only appliances with an“Energy Star” rating over the next 15 years, the reduction in greenhouse gases would equate to taking 17 million cars off the road.

1/3 of a home’s heating oil is used for hot water. Multiple-head shower systems can drain a 40-gallon tank in less than 4 minutes.

The average new home requires 13,837 board feet of lumber and 19 tons of cement.

Since 1976, federal housing assistance has been slashed by 48%.

Last spring, the Bush administration proposed an additional $1 billion cut to the Section 8 housing subsidy.

87% of homeowners are white.

Overall, blacks receive subprime loans 2.83 times more often than whites. The disparity increases when affluent blacks are compared to affluent whites.

If it were a state, New York City would rank 51st in energy use per capita.

Suburban white men weigh 10 pounds more than men in cities.

Only 2.7% of San Francisco’s teachers, 5.7% of its cops, and 4.2% of its nurses can afford to buy a home there.

1 in 4 Californians are considering moving out of state to reduce their housing costs.

Rush Limbaugh’s Palm Beach estate is worth 15 times the value of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua, N.Y., home.

7% of all homes are in gated communities.

7% of all homes are mobile homes.

Since 2001, the number of Americans who have bought second homes has increased by 24%.

Ma famille

Da man.... 
Here are Joe and I at Johnson Canyon in Banff National Park.

Da boyz... 
Here are our two kids, Gizmo and Bandit. They are quite a pair with two completely opposite personalities. Gizmo is a sloth dependent on his pretty-boy looks, Bandit is a dog trapped in a cat's body.

Road Nationals

2005 Road Nationals ITT 
This is a pic from a professional photographer taken at the Shuswap Rd. Time Trial at the Tim Horton's Road Nationals in Kamloops, BC on July 7, 2005. I posted a pretty mediocre time of 38:06.28 (25km).

Track Nationals

2005 Track Nationals 1 
This is a pic of me in front of the podium with my new 2005 Giant track bike and Zipp 909 wheelset. The equipment has played a huge factor in my successes this season, with p.b's across the board, including a 15 second reduction from my previous best in the 3000m Pursuit.

2005 Track Nationals 2 
Here is a pic of the podium from the Track Nationals. I won gold in the Master A Men's 3000m Pursuit in 3:46.4. I also won a silver in the Master A Men's Scratch Race.

It's all so clear to me now....

Quote from Mark Morford's latest article, "Beer & Porn & Guns & Manicures
How can marketers sell crap to the new, elusive modern male? And just who is he, exactly?":

"Oh and btw, you want incredibly obvious proof of the divine feminine's re-emergence? That's easy. Just look at the current sociopolitical climate, the raging right-wing intolerance and sexual dread, the desperate clinging of the GOP to old, stagnant, misogynist roles. Notice the frantic machinations, the fear of nipples and dildos and gender fluctuations, the uptight homophobia of the Christian evangelical sects, the frantic refusal to let go of sexist, prehistoric '50s mentalities. This is the biggest sign of all. When the most morally rigid among us get scared, something divinely juicy is always afoot."

RIGHT ON! Mark loves the word 'juicy'. I love how the religious right are claiming how they're being persecuted, like being the dominant social institution for the past thousand years gives them any inclination as to what real persecution is...

Klein drops fight against same-sex marriage

Last Updated Wed, 13 Jul 2005 09:49:44 EDT
CBC News

Alberta will allow same-sex marriages but will move to protect those who oppose it on social, cultural or religious grounds, Premier Ralph Klein says.

Klein said Tuesday that the province will comply with the federal legislation which is making its way through the Senate, and issue marriage licences to same-sex couples, "much to our chagrin."

Some Conservative members of the Alberta legislature had debated ways of not following the legislation, which passed in Parliament at the end of June, including only sanctioning civil unions and leaving marriage solely to religious institutions.

But Klein says the province will abandon a fight it now admits it can't win and will focus its attention on protecting critics of same-sex marriage.


Well, it looks like Ralph has finally raged down. Better protect those critics though - the big bad fags might steal and eat their children! David Mainse is still on a rampage though. Now he's sending letters to QE2 begging her not to sign the marriage bill into law. How ridiculous!

Video: Jon Stewart does Karl Rove


Stampede Report

So, Joe and I headed to the Stampede Grounds last night. It was pretty much (okay, actually it was EXACTLY) the same as last year. We were making note of the fact that the main Organizing Committee for the Stampede has essentially been the same people for the past 20 years or so. I'm not sure what they could do to shake things up, but for the locals, the event is sort of wearing thin. Okay -- maybe just for me.

At any rate, Joe won a huge Homer Simpson doll and I won a Patrick Star doll. We hung around for the BeeGees and Abba cover bands -- Stayin' Alive and Abbamania. They were ok.

For future reference, if you want to head to the grounds on a night that isn't so busy, last night was by far the best (Seniors Day!). Today is Kids Day, so I can only imagine what the crowds will be like.

Jens Voigt was eliminated from the Tour this morning. He didn't make the cut-off time into Briancon over Courcheval, so he's turfed. Too bad -- I can sympathize on the angst of climbing when you're built for the flats. Better luck next year, Jens!

Tonight we're heading to "War of the Worlds". I'll have to submit a critique tomorrow.


12 July 2005

The Long Emergency

So, I've been reading this book (in between editions of Velonews and watching the Tour de France) called "The Long Emergency" by James Howard Kunstler. It's essentially an attempt at non-biased postulation on where the world is headed after Peak Oil. It's been consuming me over the past few weeks, and I'm trying to keep it all in perspective, but his analysis of what's to come after we run out of oil if we don't use it soon to launch our societies off on another energy system looks pretty bleak. If you get a chance to read it, I highly recommend it. His views on the state of the Middle East alone are worth the read.

If you also haven't read "The Ecology of Commerce" by Paul Hawken, I also recommend it. This book was cited in the movie "The Corporation" which is also a must-see.

Anyhoo - I'm off to the Stampede with Joe. Gotta go!

Bonjour, c'est moi

Hello cyber-world!

Well, since all of my friends are starting to post blogs, I thought I'd join the bandwagon. Actually, I've been blogging for about five years now, but my blog was more of a journal/diary than a public blog. You can access it too, but some of the stuff in there is pretty personal and not for the squeamish. I hope to post pics, articles and rants here that relate to how I relate with the world and my perspective on how fucked up everything's getting.

'Everything Is Wrong' is a bit of an homage to Moby, one of the few brave artists who use their influence to try and wake-up at least a few of the TV-numbed, rabid consumerists out there. EIW was the title of one of his late '90s albums.

Hold on, here we go!