13 July 2005

It's all so clear to me now....

Quote from Mark Morford's latest article, "Beer & Porn & Guns & Manicures
How can marketers sell crap to the new, elusive modern male? And just who is he, exactly?":

"Oh and btw, you want incredibly obvious proof of the divine feminine's re-emergence? That's easy. Just look at the current sociopolitical climate, the raging right-wing intolerance and sexual dread, the desperate clinging of the GOP to old, stagnant, misogynist roles. Notice the frantic machinations, the fear of nipples and dildos and gender fluctuations, the uptight homophobia of the Christian evangelical sects, the frantic refusal to let go of sexist, prehistoric '50s mentalities. This is the biggest sign of all. When the most morally rigid among us get scared, something divinely juicy is always afoot."

RIGHT ON! Mark loves the word 'juicy'. I love how the religious right are claiming how they're being persecuted, like being the dominant social institution for the past thousand years gives them any inclination as to what real persecution is...

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CanaGal said...

Of course, the religious right will say that the "juicy" thing that is going on is armageddon. I, for one, am hoping that the social and racial barriers towards same sex couples, are being torn down, and that is the "juicy" thing.

Ok, now I am thirsty. All of this talk about juice