29 July 2005

More of Treslie

So, here are some more pics of Treslie. I stopped in Red Deer en route to Edmonton on Monday the 25th for dinner, and returned again on the evening of Thursday the 28th for a day of relaxing.

Reid & Treslie

Treslie - Friday 29th. She's definitely looking a lot more human and less simian (as all newborns do) as she gains back some weight and gets some depth in her cheeks.

Treslie absolutely HATED the flash after this picture. She gave me the 'f**k you' grimace once the flash went off. I suspect the film over newborn's eyes makes them pretty sensitive to light and such. Do you think that's the reason why we end up having to get glasses is because of all the flashes that go off in our eyes when we're babies?

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