13 July 2005

Stampede Report

So, Joe and I headed to the Stampede Grounds last night. It was pretty much (okay, actually it was EXACTLY) the same as last year. We were making note of the fact that the main Organizing Committee for the Stampede has essentially been the same people for the past 20 years or so. I'm not sure what they could do to shake things up, but for the locals, the event is sort of wearing thin. Okay -- maybe just for me.

At any rate, Joe won a huge Homer Simpson doll and I won a Patrick Star doll. We hung around for the BeeGees and Abba cover bands -- Stayin' Alive and Abbamania. They were ok.

For future reference, if you want to head to the grounds on a night that isn't so busy, last night was by far the best (Seniors Day!). Today is Kids Day, so I can only imagine what the crowds will be like.

Jens Voigt was eliminated from the Tour this morning. He didn't make the cut-off time into Briancon over Courcheval, so he's turfed. Too bad -- I can sympathize on the angst of climbing when you're built for the flats. Better luck next year, Jens!

Tonight we're heading to "War of the Worlds". I'll have to submit a critique tomorrow.



CanaGal said...

the latest stage of the tdf was awesome. Great hill climbing. I missed yesterdays update on the tdf. What happened - how come Lance has such a big lead - I need to know!!!

Reid Dalgleish said...

Discovery simply had their game on yesterday. They worked impeccably together and blew the rest of the peloton out of the water

CanaGal said...

I wish I hadn't missed that piece of the action. I had the beast come by my work for a beer - man, she was tanked