15 July 2005

Thoughts for the day, plans for the weekend

So, I've checked out everyone's blogs today and pondered over the discussion I had with Jeff and Natasha about the state of the world. I'm much calmer today than I have been over the past few days. Jeff is right -- things may or may not get really bad, but how much of it is in my control? I can get on my soapbox and proclaim what a great person I am for not owning a car, but what about the rest of it? What about everything in my house made of plastics and synthetics? My massive CD/DVD collection? My computer? My clothes? My bike (no! not the bike!)? They're all part and parcel of the same system. We're ALL addicted to oil, and just like all addicts, we're at the point now we can't see how the substance we're addicted to is slowly killing us. Unless we can get checked into Betty Ford very soon, it will probably do us in. Addiction is NEVER healthy.

I've jokingly told Ryan and Joe that I'm going to buy my dad's farmland in remote Manitoba and build a compound, learn how to shoot guns, get off the grid and live off the land. I probably won't let religion get into the equation since, you know, it's so STUPID and all, but other than that it could be just like a scene from any post-apocalyptic movie you've ever seen!

Anyways, in lighter news and the reason why people do carry on -- NO, Owen and Chloe haven't had their baby yet. Today is the due date, so no early one. I've already lost my bet on the day the baby would arrive (I think I predicted around the 12th). I'm so excited to be an uncle.

If the baby doesn't come over the weekend, there's lots of other stuff going on. The Stampede thankfully ends this weekend. Joe and I are probably going to play slo-pitch tonight with Apollo and then head to the house party of a girl Joe works with. Tomorrow night is the art show opening for Jerome at Quab Gallery. Hopefully Jeff, Doug and the gang will go. It will be fun to hang out with Jerome and Bruce again. I'm hoping everyone will stick together for the evening, watch the fireworks and then head to the club.

I hope to get out running with the Frontrunners gang tomorrow morning as well. It's felt like forever since I've seen anyone!

It's been a DJ overload this week. The clubs in town typically try to pull some big names into town during Stampede week. Nick Warren played Tantra on Wednesday, Kaskade played the Whiskey last night, and on Sunday, Bad Boy Bill plays the Whiskey while Deep Dish plays Tantra. I picked up tickets for DD on Wednesday -- I can't wait! I haven't seen them since Natasha and I went to see them at the Guvernment in Toronto a couple of years ago. I love their house music sooo much. I wonder what the new album sounds like? I've heard a few songs off it, but I'll get the full dose on Sunday. Anyone else want to go?

I can't believe the World Master Games are almost here. I'll be heading up to Edmonton next Friday.


Jeff said...

I'm not in town this weekend Reid. Going to Regina for grandma's birthday. I don't know if your busy or not next weekend for my party on Saturday. If you are I hope Joe and Nick can still make it.... I just left another depressing post on the previous topic we were on yesterday...

Reid Dalgleish said...

I forgot about your G-ma's b-day this weekend! I hope you have fun in Regina. Too bad you won't be around for the art show tomorrow. There will be many others!!!

If you're leaving today, have fun. I'll talk to you next week.

I'm heading up to Edmonton next Friday for the week, so I'll be missing lots of things, however after that event, I will be in Calgary for the rest of the summer -- finally!

Talk to you soon. I'll try not to be such a cynic the next time we talk.

CanaGal said...

have fun at the gallery Reid. I am sure it will be a success, because Jer's art is amazing!!

feminista said...

ohh sounds like an action packed weekend - i'm in :-p

Say hi to Jerome for me!

And don't apologize for being a cynic, you have every right to ponder such difficult questions, but you're also right in that what the hell are us little guys supposed to do? i think it rocks the twat that you do what you do to make a difference, no matter how small. it's admirable and shows your integrity, so don't change!