16 July 2005

Google Image Search Results Survey

Okay, so I don't know how Nancy keeps getting me to do these stupid things, but here are the answers to the survey for me:

Age you will be on next birthday:


Not sure what this means - I'm a Cold War relic?

Mother's middle name:


I'm sure if my mother was American, she'd be all for the stars and stripes bikini accented by the aluminum foil pashmina.

Favorite colour:

Navy Blue

Yowsa! This was the best result of the lot. I LOVE NAVY BLUE! Oh thank you, gods of Google!

Bad habit:


Man, is that what my brain looked like this morning? No wonder I feel so blue the morning after!

Favourite fruit:


I love the bananas! Wearing them is the only way to use 'em - other than the 'other' use, of course.

Favourite animal:


Why are cat's asses so freakin' hilarious? Chocolate stars for everyone!

Last name of favourite teacher:


Nan Rae was an old-school English teacher - any teacher in the Canadian education system today is a hero by my standards.

Name of a pet:


Sarah Michelle Gellar? Not much of a surprise when Googling 'Buffy'.

First car:

1981 GMC truck

What an old guzzler beast that thing was. Survived my adolescence in that thing though. My dad still drives the damn thing today!

Your first name:


Richard Reid --- great. I don't like my name anymore. It was a toss up between Richard Reid and Tara Reid. The terrorist won.

Your last name:


Man, I've been discovering my last name is a semi-popular place name esp. in former British colonies. And Antarctica, apparently.

Best friend's name:


This picture was so disturbing I had to get it. It does not reflect on either Ryan or myself. Like, who would want this moment immortalized on film? Yeesh.

Name of significant other:

Joe Gallant

Joe Gallant and the Illuminati - "Blues for Allah Project". Illuminati and Allah all in the same reference. Very telling of my bf's influence!!!

Your birth month:


Saddam Hussein, eh? I thought this was so bizarre a reference to December (it was the month he was captured, apparently).

Your home town:


A pic of the Grand Canyon for Grandview - big surprise. Apparently that's what the railroaders said when they were building the track through what was going to become my hometown.

Where I live now:


I have such a love/hate relationship with this 'burg.

Favourite band:

Chemical Brothers

I LOVE Tom and Ed!

Favourite thing to do:

bike racing

Was there any doubt? A homage to Super Mario is due.

Your full name:
I actually found a logo to the Australian Capital Territory Sporting body returned when Google Imaging my name here. How strange...


CanaGal said...

too funny!

CanaGal said...

re: cats asses - the egyptian invention for the question mark

Mrs The Experience said...

I love chocolate starfish!