17 July 2005

"The Dentist and the Tooth Fairy" book launch

Book launch "The Dentist And The Tooth Fairy". Authored by Dorota Skrzypek and illustrated by Jerome Prieur

Saturday night fireworks post-gallery from our balcony. Sunday is the final day of the 2005 Calgary Stampede.

Us @ Quab Gallery

We had a lot of fun at Quab. The book launch went well and a few of Jerome's paintings were sold. Book launches are also planned for San Diego and New York in the fall.
After the gallery was closed, Doug, Joe and myself headed back to the apartment for some bevvies. Jerome and Bruce joined us for the fireworks and pizza afterwards.

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Veronica said...

You are shameful! Hugging your boyfriend in public. How dare you display such unnatural behaviour in the presence and eyes of our Lord! Satan worshippers!! Eating pizza late in the night is also a sin. No food past 6:00 according to the bible. Gluttony eating, Satan worshippers I tell you!!!