20 July 2005

It is written....

Well, I guess same-sex marriage is officially legal across this entire fair country as of today. Sorry Veronica, but dat's da way of da world. I'm proud to be from a nation that respects diversity and equality at the same time. I wonder if Canada tries to be too accommodating sometimes, but I think that approach fosters a lot healthier outcomes than the other option which is denying people what they require to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted. This approach just fosters animosity and hatred. It's the way Canada works, and it seems to work well for us. I worry sometimes though that it's all just PC and hype and political manoeuvreing and not genuine. I'm not naive - I realize that a lot of people just pay lip service to avoid confrontation (that's sort of a Canadian trait as well) - but I hope that our federal legislation is something bigger than that, something more pervasive, permanent, idealistic. I do agree that protecting minorities is very important. The majority certainly cannot understand or even imagine to understand the needs of a minority, especially a privileged majority that has never had to challenge their worldview EVER.

I'm still not sure if civil marriage is for me. The institution at a fundamental level is SO paternalistic and out-dated, plus it almost feels to me like it essentially takes the place of personal responsibility (like so many other things in society today) which is a complete, utter cop-out of your commitments. I'm sure one of the main reasons marriage was developed was to keep deadbeats in line, legally forced to fulfill their commitments. Another example of a few idiots wrecking things for all of us.

It also means something completely different to those couples that have children. I can totally understand why they want marriage - to ensure protections and guarantees of their children's well-being and security. It may not work for me personally, but that doesn't mean I won't defend it as an option for myself or others. Marriage has always been optional for everyone, no matter what the conservatives might say otherwise. It also was never originally a religious institution either, but that's something entirely different.

I'm glad Ralphie has given up trying to fight the legislation in Alberta, but in his peanut-brained perspective of things, he's still fostering animosity and hatred by differentiating gays and lesbians as a group unworthy of equality and vowing to legislate more protections provincially for those that don't want anything to do with us. If these people would only get to know us, well...they might not dislike us anymore? What a concept!

"Wow! Those homos are just like you and me. They're everywhere and simply trying to get the same things out of life as I am. Boy -- why was I so scared and threatened by them?"

What is the fear and threat? It's all about the butt sex, kiddies. Another thing to discuss on another day.

I have always dreamed of getting married in a big fete in Kananaskis though, I must admit. Or how about the beach on Prince Edward Island? Or Stanley Park in Vancouver? Wouldn't that be the wedding to top all weddings? Classy all the way. I'd be just as excited for the engagement party, which will be an all-night underground rave with a super-DJ flown in from Ibiza to spin for the evening. Lots of buff go-go boys in latex dancing on platforms, plus the obligatory cocaine and whores....*sigh* Maybe it will come true someday. I truly believe I'm now legally equal to EVERYONE in Canada now. It's a really awesome thing. I just hope now that we're equal, that doesn't mean Pride parades and festivals and gay circuit parties now don't hold the same meaning anymore. The straights have church; the gays have Black and Blue.


CanaGal said...

I truly believe that it is a great day for Canada.

Legislations like these makes me proud to be a Canadian

Mrs The Experience said...

Maybe I should convert to Canadianism.

CanaGal said...

yes, you should...we just need to sprinkle you with some water from Niagra!