02 August 2005

Back to freakin' work

Urgh....can't say that I'm overjoyed to be back in the real world again, however I guess it was inevitable. I really had hoped that all those problems I had dumped on other people's desks would be magically resolved by the time I got back, but ALL of them have boomeranged back to me, so I'm at square one again....

This dotNET support role is not what I had envisioned. I thought we would be doing a lot more enhancement work, but it has turned out to be never-ending emergency-deployment-patchwork-process-anomalous-error bullshit. I hate Microsoft. Correction - I hate Microsoft's marketing department. They're all so full of it. "Oh, it can do this and this and this and you'll have no problem configuring it to tie into this and this is coming down the pipe." Yeah, whatever you hosers. Nothing is easy to code, configure or deploy when attempting to integrate out-of-the-box Microsoft products into a pre-existing complex operating environment. Lying bastards.

*Happy thoughts* Yesterday was fun. I decided to take the day off and play spectator instead of racer. I felt it was the right decision after the Mens' 1/2 race finished and everyone was nearly delirious from the heat, frothing at the mouth. The team represented well at the Crit Championships in the blaster heat. Natasha even won Provincial Champ for the Women!!! I spent the afternoon running errands, taking Joe to the Telus picket line (he was reportedly on 'Scab Watch' yesterday), fixing and storing my track bike. After I picked up Joe at 6:30, we met up with Jon and Alanis and went to Bob The Fish for beer and grub. Got home at 9pm, watched the Daily Show and Queer As Folk and went to bed. Did you know that there was a bar bombing in the QAF episode last week? Crazy!

I went running with Ross Andersen today. He is now the third person I know who has read The Long Emergency. We spent most of the 15km loop talking about the implications of our society's addiction to oil. Just like any toxic addiction, it will most likely kill us unless someone (or something) intervenes that convinces us to get into rehab. Not a pretty prospect either way. Anyways, kudos to Ross and Dennis for having an open mind to ponder the possibilities posed in the book. I spent a good couple of weeks in a state of psycho anxiety after reading it, but now I'm just sort of overwhelmed by the entire state of things. What can I do? SMOKE MORE DOPE!

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Jeff said...

we are not going back to that issue again Reid. You have to smoke more and not worry. I just saw a news clip today that they are making better wind generating windmills, that don't kill birds AND China might be interested in using these to generate electricity to solve their shortage. OK now smoke somemore like I just did.... Hey when are we going out next?