04 August 2005

Commune with nature???

The plans are confirmed -- we're going camping with tents this weekend? What's that you say? That's right!!! A bunch of urbanized homos finding solace with nature, sans 30 ft. RV motor home? I know - I can hardly believe it myself. Doug is leading the charge since he is the one most familiar with camping etiquette (plus he has all of the equipment) and knows all the good spots to go to. We're going to try and get into one of the Kananaskis campgrounds Saturday morning, in time to find a good place to hike during the day and drink mushroom tea in the evening! Just jokes...or not. Doug, Shaun, Darren, Joe and I, possibly Jeff and Calvin are hopefully going. Ryan might show up in the evening.

Now we find out that Joe might not be able to go. New job! Joe has found work at Quincy's Restaurant and Lounge on 7th Ave. He's pretty excited -- morning and afternoon work only, good tips, plus he's going to be able to maintain his lockout strike hours as well. He's going to have to make another decision when and if the Telus strike is ever settled. He's planning on having the CAPPA (Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants) course completed within the next 18 months, so hopefully any decision he makes won't have to be a long-term one. Yeah, I know I'm having a problem with him working in the industry that is Big and Evil, however I want to be a kept husband someday so I can simply just ride my bike all the time. I need a successful husband in order to keep that dream alive!

Other than that, everything's slowly going back to normal post-vacation. I feel like I'm going to need a couple of weeks to realize that I'm trapped now until 2006 when my vacation allotment renews! That sucks. I actually have one more A/V day that I may use around Joe's b-day to take a long weekend trip to Vancouver.

I've got Thursday night racing at the track tonight plus a CBTL meeting afterwards, Apollo slo-pitch tomorrow night and camping this weekend. I got an email from my friend Robert Torrance who is going to be in town this weekend from Toronto, so I'm hoping we can meet up at the bar on Friday night.

I tried to post another pic on the blog on Tuesday, but I was getting errors from Blogbot. I didn't try again yesterday. Joe found a pic from the Deep Dish show on a club events site where you can spot us out in the crowd. I didn't ask how many pics or how much time he wasted finding this out, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. Maybe someday I'll get it posted.

Gotta get to work. I love getting back from A/V and covering work for other people! Fun!


CanaGal said...

Can Sean & I crash the camping party for a few brewskis?

Jeff said...


Iam coming on Saturday. Doug is phoning me from the campground to tell me where it is. I don't plan on staying the night because it's wilderness, but I'm bringing a can of Raid just in case and my pillow, I will sleep in my car though, no bugs in there. BTW I need a refill on my prescription.

Anonymous said...

Reid, and I thought that you were the BITCH. :) Well, now I know who wears the pants in the family. Hope you have or had fun out in the Great Outdoors. Chat soon.

P.S. Who said that homo's couldn't have fun.....