31 August 2005

Genesis has all the answers...

Well, you were expecting this one, weren't you? Thanks for the link Dennis!

Creation Museum near Cincinnati, OH

Check out some of the displays in the walkthrough. Bizarre. And they say the non-believers are the 'wilfully ignorant' ones. Yeesh. There's historically accurate representations of children playing with dinosaurs in #10 and #19.


Austin Vane said...

Hey Reid!

Thanks for stopping by my site!! From reading your posts you are very concerned and aware of the world around you! I like that! Keep up the good work! Keep informing people like SkyBar and Sarathena, who are a little loony with their multiple personalities and blogging entities ;)

Reid Dalgleish said...

Loony is an understatement ;-)

Mrs The Experience said...

I love this description: "The Grand Circle: An eye-catching monument greets you, as you drive up the entry circle and drop off your family and friends."

...then flee, tires burning, laughing maniacally, all the way to the nearest liquor store.

Mrs The Experience said...

Wait, what the fuck?

"Imagine soaring cypress trees, the sounds of waterfalls and children playing with dinosaurs! What other surprises await?"

Children? Playing with dinosaurs?

Thanks for this link, Reid - it will amuse me for a long time.