15 August 2005

News O' the Day - Rant #3

Okay, so what the frick are the Big Three in Detroit doing? They are crying about how much money they are bleeding while in competition with Nissan, Toyota and the like from Asia, then they ramp up promotion of their stupid marketing which has gotten them into trouble in the first place! Now the North American market is convinced that GM and Ford vehicles are cheap, crappy, and poorly built, they are losing market share, so what do they do? Sell them for even less! I mean, how can you say you're getting the Employee Discount when there aren't any employees left?

Job cuts at Ford permanent

Ford ceo William Ford Jr. told employees Friday that job cuts of salaried employees are permanent as the company tries to stop losses in its North American automotive operations. "We're not downsizing temporarily with the hope that conditions will get better," Bill Ford said in an e-mail sent to employees . "We're accelerating our business plan to be competitive in the 21st Century." Spokesman Oscar Suris confirmed the quotes in the e-mail. Ford is in the midst of cutting 5%, or about 1,700 jobs, out of its North American automotive salaried workforce. That comes on top of the elimination of 1,000 US salaried jobs in the second quarter. Cfo Don Leclair said in an interview July 19 that the automaker will announce additional cost-cutting moves, "probably in the fourth quarter."
(National Post 050813)

Stupid bastards. Car industry + oil industry + government lobbyists/pork barrelling = Death for us all

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