13 September 2005


So, I'm posting an obligatory blog, even though the past few days have proved what a boring life I lead. It certainly feels like the end of the racing season to be sure...it's dark at 8pm and all the late-season races have moved their start times up in the evenings to compensate (that would be the Tuesday Crit series and Thursday track racing series...). This weekend is the final Provincial race - the legendary Mt. Norquay Hill Climb.

I had been considering going up to Red Deer this weekend, but I think I'll hold off on that until next weekend. I'm captain of my company's 10K running team for the Calgary Corporate Challenge, which is going on over this week and the weekend (The CCC is supposedly the biggest event of its kind in North America). We typically field an 'okay' team, however every year I try and recruit the fastest runners in the company but it never seems to work out right. The company has put a lot more money and focus on the CCC this year, so hopefully that will produce more participation and interest in the years to come. We even got awesome Dri-Fit shirts to wear!

Joe is still on the picket line for his company. Yesterday, he was walking around the perimeter of the building and got struck by a customer leaving the parking lot in his car. Joe yelled at the guy to stop but he kept moving through the entrance and could've ran Joe over had he not rolled off the front of the car and out of the way. The guy didn't even brake. Joe wasn't hurt, but was pretty shook up. There was a police report filed and the company's onsite surveillance tapes of the parking lot were confiscated by the city police. This guy was a complete asshole and hit Joe specifically because he is a picketer. I hope he gets slammed with charges by the police. We should find out tomorrow what's going on. Too bad Joe has nothing to sue for. In the meantime, he's picked up two or three shifts at Swan's during the week and has scheduled his mid-term for Level 1 in the Canadian Petroleum Production Accounting course for September 30.

I had a big long talk with Doug about the state of the world last night. He has been sensing from Kirk that things are on the way out, and after a phone call to Kirk he found out that his hunches were true. Poor Doug. He is such a wonderful guy. He is starting to question his approach to dating, and whether getting into a 'longer-term' relationship is an effort in futility. I am convinced that he just hasn't found anyone worthy of his love and devotion yet. I can't wait for him to meet this guy, someday.

I ran with Ross yesterday and found out from him that his best friend from high school was killed in South Korea on the weekend. He was on a motorbike and got hit while turning left. Ross was pretty shell-shocked on Monday. My condolences go out to him -- take care buddy.

That's about it for today. He's a picture that sums up the Bush family's interest in any social caste lower than themselves.

Nothing will stop the Bushes from taking their vacations...

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Jeff said...

Poor Doug. I am going to call him tonight and chat. Also those damn people with picketers. When we were on strike at Safeway, one guy hit one of the picketers in his car. We all filed a report as well. What is wrong with people?