27 September 2005

Autumnal observations

So, it's definitely feeling like fall these days. Jeff Skybar witnessed a good skiff of snow in the northwest part of the city last night. Yesterday was nice until the late evening. I made it home at 7:30 last night after a ride out to Bragg Creek just as the sun was setting. Within minutes of getting in the door, the wind outside whipped up like crazy, a bit of rain came down and the temperature dropped ten degrees within minutes. I heard from Craig Good after the Crit races tonight that he got caught in the insanity after his ride last night and thought it was the end of everything since he was wearing bike clothes appropriate for the nice weather only minutes before!

The last few windy days have torn most of the leaves off the trees. Tomorrow it is supposed to return to good weather, with daytime highs of around 20C for the rest of the week. That will make the last night of track racing on Thursday tolerable. We've already had to gear up in our cold-weather cycling clothes, so it will be nice to have one more racing event unencumbered. Hammerfest is the big track finale on Saturday.

At least we'll have a few more good days of summer reminiscing. The biggest adjustment is the sun setting so early now. For the American readers, one great thing about Canadian summers is that the sun doesn't set in late June and early July until 11pm. It makes the days feel like they last forever....

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