17 September 2005

New pics of Treslie

I'm planning on heading up to Red Deer to see Treslie next weekend. She sure is looking more like her parents everyday!

New Blue Eyes

A smiley girl in pink...


CanaGal said...

I hope she has your racing legs!

Mrs The Experience said...

Oh my GOSH, she looks ARTIFICIAL, like a prosthetic BABY. In other words, she is super duper cute!

But Reid? Honey? Cassie? I am watching "Oprah" and enjoying it. Something is very wrong with me. Jennifer Aniston is on and, um, I am interested.

Shit, I need to hit myself with a copy of _The Stranger_ and snap out of this!

Reid Dalgleish said...

Snap out of it, dammit! You're being sucked in by crass commercialism spread by our lizard overlords to keep us sedated. Fight the enemy! Turn off Oprah!