19 September 2005

Just 'Ming'-ing It

Saturday night found us out on 17th Ave. getting together to see our friend Philbert, who moved to Toronto from Calgary for work a year ago. He's looking well and doing good and still quaffing beers at a rate that allows him into our exclusive club! After our imbibations at Ming, the boys (including Raymond) headed to Twisted Element for the the rest of the evening. If it's any indication on how the evening went, I spent the entire day on Sunday in pain.


Susan, Joe, Reid, Nancy, and Chairman Mao

Philbert and Jeff

Doug, Joe, Nick, Curtis


Jeff said...

looks like fun! We wnet for wings and then just went back to Jeanette's palce and hung out while she gave birth. Curtis is wearing my shirt me thinks.

Mrs The Experience said...





Anonymous said...


Who is the girl to your right; my left? How you say.....yummy!! :)

Reid Dalgleish said...

She's married -- hands off!