15 September 2005

Confessions On A Dancefloor

Reportedly the new album cover...

From madonna.com:

"I want people to jump out of their seats"

Never one to understate, those were the exact words Madonna used to describe the songs on her upcoming album, -"Confessions On a Dance Floor". The 12 delicious tunes of pure 'unapologetic dance music' including the single "Hung Up" (out Oct. 17th) is scheduled to be released on November 15th on Warner Bros. Records. This time out, the original Queen of Dance Music returns to where she began and kicks it up a few extra notches.

"It's in her blood" says Madonna's co-producer/partner in crime, DJ and Madonna musical director, Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont). "She has a dance halo over her head. We made this record without any preconceived notions. It was straight from the gut - unencumbered...not over edited...very spontaneous, concluded Price.

If 'Confessions' were equated to a new dance step, it would a stunning blend of musical styles with one foot in the roots of early disco (a la Giorgio Moroder/Abba on ecstacy) and the other foot gloriously ensconced in the future of music - a dance step that could only be accomplished by one artist.

Confessions on a Dance Floor is all about having a good time straight through and non stop." says America's ultimate Dancing Queen.


Mrs The Experience said...

Is she going to lick that mouse? Or what? Who plays COY with a mouse?

Reid Dalgleish said...

Who plays coy with a mouse? MADONNA, that's who!

JK....I didn't even notice the mouse until you pointed it out. I wish I had a pic of the album cover, but it's not released yet...