12 April 2007

Thought of the Day from our favorite Corporate Monster coffeehouse

The Way I See It #216

A very bad (and all too common) way to misread the newspaper: To see whatever supports your point of view as fact, and anything that contradicts your point of view as bias.

--Daniel Okrent, Ombudsman

Even if they're the minority or faced with a wall of evidence to the contrary, it's amazing how some people can convince themselves that their point of view is correct. Especially amazing is if these people are the ones who scream and crow (and get really good sponsors with deep pockets) to get their way to which all reasonable people cowtow to them to get them to shutup. Interestingly, this can refer back to this discussion thread. Ever wonder why Intelligent Design is being taught in Kansas classrooms? This is how these things happen. That's the way I see it.

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