04 April 2007


I had a great time with Jeff, Doug, Ryan and Matt last night. We had an inordinate amount of conversation yesterday about everything and lots of laughs (as usual). It only takes a few minutes with Jeff and Doug to put me in a good mood. We have so much fun together!

I had intentions of going to the gym tonight, but I got out of work late so I just went home and masturbated instead. Easy enough. Things start to get crazy with the OutGames tomorrow with registration and a lot of running around like a chicken with my head cut off on Friday, so here's hoping everything gets done.

There'll be lots of pictures from the weekend, so next week should be grand (plus the fact I'm taking two short weeks coming up). I guess that means Happy Bunny Day to all you heathens and Happy Guy Who Comes Back to Life After Three Days Day for all you believers out there. Goodness gracious!


Jeff Skybar said...

I am PUMPED about this weekend!! I can't wait!! I'm hitting the gym tomorrow morning with Elle for a 3 hour workout. I gotta make up for missing last night and I have GOT to get this body into shape for Saturday. I predict some shirts will be coming off, and hopefully some pants too!!

Glad you're in a better mood. Good freinds can do that to you. Plus Doug, you and I are just crazy wild.

Jeff Skybar said...

Oh and even though I was tired yesterday, I still found time to masturbate before falling asleep at 7:00.