23 April 2007


My company's Intranet weekly poll this week:

What will you do on Earth Day this weekend?

1. Go for a nature walk
2. Plant a tree
3. Pledge to car pool or use transit
4. Watch An Inconvenient Truth
5. Participate in a local Earth Day event

My choice for option 6:
6. Rent an SUV with a big front grill and clunky roof rack and burn as much gas as possible, driving as quickly as possible, on low-pressure tires.


Jeff Skybar said...


You look alot like my friend Reid. R U a hoax blog? I will hunt you down and destroy you if you are. Fuel is not an option. I shall burn it hunting you down. My vehicle runs on hot air balloon burners powered by a mixture of bio diesel, natural gas and conventional gasoline. I add lead to it to give it that extra boost when passing a car. Plus it's full time all wheel drive with great big tires and shaped like a box. The engines get so hot that you have to have a air conditioner blowing on it constantly while driving.

So for my earth day option, I choose #F - none of the above.

doug said...

Guys.....forget about the Hummer's and SUV's: I figure GE's new ES-4400 Diesel Locomotive should do the trick for those who prefer a more private high horsepower option to the C-train. I mean really you just park on the storage track at the LRT station, walk over in the morning, throttle up to notch 8 and plow the SHIT out of all those losers waiting to board the cattle cars. Say Buh-buy to the commuter blues forever! Like most modern locomotives you leave it runninng 24-7 and and with 6.5 gallons per MILE you know the worlds oil will be gone ASAP! NOW that conservation Alberta style....HE HAH!