10 April 2007

Anniversary of sorts?

April 18, 2007 is the 30th anniversary of then-President Jimmy Carter's now infamous 'Sweater Speech', the "President's Proposed Energy Speech".

Haunting food for thought. I vaguely remember watching it on TV ----- in the shadow of the fuel crisis of the time, saying we're really screwed unless we change our ways. He tried to warn us, sacrificed his Presidency for his beliefs, and we went in the opposite direction anyways because we refused to believe his nonesense (not exactly breaking news).

Of course, his numbers are off and technology and some implementation of his ideas of efficiency and conservation have increased production and moderated the consumption of what we use currently (until you factor in Jevon's paradox) more than what was thought in 1977, but all this has still only delayed the inevitability of the date when the supply starts to slide. On the consumption side, we've only increased the rate at which we 'BURN IT ALL UP'!

So, on that positive note, Happy Anniversary!

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