18 April 2007

Lego my religion, brickhead!

From Rey, awesome storytelling!

The Brick Testament


Matty said...

We used these at my church for the Children's club during story time. The kids got a kick out of it. (We didn't use the one Rey did though. The kids were grade K-5 so most of them wouldn't know what it meant - I hope)

Danifesto said...

Thanks for sharing your small town thoughts man!
I love LEGOS! His Leviticus Lego post was awesome!

Jeff Skybar said...

The Sodom and Gomorah story is so hysterical. I mean really, stop the men from having sex with the angels, but here I'll offer my two virgin daughters instead. It's obvious Lot never liked them or why else would he offer them up as prostitutes?

That site, although funny with the Lego's, really points out the utter absurdness that is in the Bible. And that is not a laughing matter, it's sad that people will actually spew this while foaming at the mouth.