05 October 2005

We really need another Colorado Springs...

New Orleans Must Clean Up Its Gay Image Evangelist Says
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Posted: October 4, 2005 5:00 pm ET

(New Orleans, Louisiana) Evangelist Franklin Graham said Tuesday that Hurricane Katrina could lead to a spiritual rebirth of a sinful New Orleans.

Graham, the son and designated successor of the Rev. Billy Graham, said the city's Mardi Gras revelry and ties to voodoo were adverse to Christian beliefs.

"New Orleans has been known for years as a party town," Graham said in an interview with The Associated Press from his office in Boone, N.C. "It is a city that has strong ties to the gay and lesbian movement, and these types of things."

On Monday, Graham delivered a similar message in an appearance in Lynchburg: "There's been satanic worship. There's been sexual perversion. God is going to use that storm to bring revival. God has a plan. God has a purpose."

Graham's comments, reported by The News & Advance of Lynchburg, were made at Thomas Road Baptist Church's Super Conference 2005 at Liberty University. Both the church and the university were founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

But Graham said he doesn't believe the devastating storm was a punishment from God.

"I'm not saying that God used this storm as a judgment," he said.


The Experience said...

When is the storm coming to wipe out all the christians?

Mrs The Experience said...

Precisely. Or, maybe bird flu will just attack the pious. That'd be satisfying.

The Experience said...

Or locusts. Those are always good.

Mrs The Experience said...

Isn't there some sort of God-powered ass plague? Or am I confusing wrath with the 10 Commandments? Aw, I need a Baptist house slave. They always know these things, and I can dress it in latex, For the Lord.