14 October 2005

Reid Needs!

  1. Reid needs just one good movie role
  2. Reid needs your help to pass moral budget
  3. Reid needs a spanking by death nougat
  4. Reid needs extra room for shoes
  5. Reid needs to roll with it
  6. Reid needs Europe to silence his critics
  7. Reid has no social security plan
  8. Reid says he doesn't plan to filibuster
  9. Reid needs to stop whining about how reporters hate her and won’t leave her alone and how they will "write anything they can and always in a derogatory way"
  10. Reid needs to sweeten his offer to pick off wavering Republican moderates
  11. Reid needs five more tackles for 100 for his career.


Jeff said...

somehow we all need shoes or some kind of footwear.

Mrs The Experience said...

Reid needs the avian flu vaccine and some good antidepressants.

The Experience said...

Is Joe onside for five more tackles? You have to break 100!