18 June 2007

Tell us how you really feel

During a "Face the Nation" appearance a week ago, Sen. Joseph Lieberman said:
"I think we've got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from their evil oil profiteering. Thinking of soccer moms weighted down by $3 a gallon gasoline brings tears to eyes. My constituents demand that we nuke Iran, and as a humble servant of the people I agree."

Joseph Lieberman wants to spread the joy of Hanukkah by making a nuclear Menorah over Tehran.

Slaughtering people of other faiths is the best way to show that you have the superior belief system.


ckangarloo@gmail.com said...

That is fake, right?

Jeff Skybar said...

It was only a matter of time before someone said this. And there are some stupid people that would do it as well. I mean we must think of the soccer moms...The stupid, clueless, incompetent driving soccer moms.

RD said...

It's all just an indication of how clueless the political bobbleheads are to the realities of the world. As long as they can maintain their power and popularity, everything else, including human life apparently, comes second.

RD said...

SUV bumper sticker in Mid-West USA (or Southern Ontario (if Canada had nuclear capabilities):

"Nuke their ass, steal their gas"

RD said...


RD said...

Cy - I've search for the Lieberman quote and so far it is unquotable. Although he talked on "Face the Nation" about military action, either the quote stated as posted here has been removed, or it simply isn't accurate.