15 June 2007


Guh - I have nothing to say. What a mediocre week. The weather has been sucking poo the past few days which has hampered most attempts to get outside and enjoy summer. I've been burdened at work fixing other people's problems and getting some stuff done for the IBM transition starting next week. I have application reviews all day Monday (starting at 8 a.m.! Can you believe it! Ludicrous!), then discussions with future managers on Tuesday about skillsets and career directions. I'm supposed to have my employment contract with IBM signed by the end of the month for which I might have to come into work on the 29th to sign documents.

Wednesday next week is the first day of vacation, and we're off to San Francisco on Thursday morning. The trip is going to be so great -- Patrick just got his arrangements together today and will be meeting us there on Friday, so we will end up being a gay gaggle of seven Calgarians roving the scene in San Fransicko! Mothers - lock up your sons! LOL

Yesterday, I got Patrick and I signed up to do the San Francisco Pride 10K Run in Golden Gate Park on Saturday morning, and I also signed myself up for the Calgary Marathon Half Marathon on July 8. That will give me a few more races in the near future to train and behave for. I like the Calgary Half course too, which will make it interesting.

Last night after Thursday night racing at the track, I met up with my old friend Betty-Ann at the Ship for a couple of beers. After doing some catch-up and reminiscing, our conversation devolved into an analysis of Facebook! That stupid distraction pops up everywhere! Betty-Ann told me of the first instance of Facebook-induced personal tragedy I'd heard of -- the breakup of two relationships of friends close to her due to a Facebook message that was read by the wrong party. It's sure good to know that there are many people out there WAY more addicted and sucked a lot further into Facebook Vortex than I am!

This weekend is the Ride for the Wild Roses Criterium at Currie Barracks Saturday night, and also the Arbour Lake Triathlon/Duathlon on Sunday. I am not sure what I'm going to do yet, although I'm not sure I want to completely rip my legs apart on Sunday morning doing the duathlon. The late entry fee with insurance is around $110. Blech. Is that a high price for a lot of pain or what? I think I've missed the deadline anyways. The clincher with the RFTWR Crit is that signup closes at 4:45pm, and then the Cat 1/2 men don't race until 8pm. What are we supposed to do until then? Fuck it. Maybe I won't race at all this weekend.

I have to go hunting for a spacer off my Giant seatpost for my trackbike that fell off when the bolt loosened off last week during training warmup. I've raked the infield grass at the track looking for it, but with no luck. I'm not too excited about shelling over $200 for a new one since it doesn't look good that Giant will have any parts available (they like selling full units intact for some reason). I'm going to go to Ridley's and Pedalhead tomorrow and see if I can find the part I need on a cheaper post, buy the damn thing and use the spacer I need on my good post. Pretty stupid, eh?

Actually tomorrow is Joe's day off so I might leave that errand until Sunday.

I think everyone is intending to lay low this weekend in anticipation of SF, however Skybar mentioned going out Saturday night. The Pride Dance is Saturday night as well, but after last year's debacle I refuse to set foot into another Calgary-organized Pride Dance. I don't want to sound sexist or ageist here, but the gay men and the lesbians have to start having their own dances. Sure, all the organizers here gush about how special the Calgary gay community is in that we can all socialize and celebrate together, but come on -- the truth is that the younger gay men want something completely different out of our Pride dance than the lesbians do, and that's why you're finding declining numbers of gay men going to the event with each successive year. Entry for $25? Are you kidding me? For 80s crap music we've heard a hundred times before and country music? For shitty Molson beer? Pul-leaze. The organizing committee, bless their encompassing hearts, try to be everything for all demographics at Calgary's Pride Dance every year, and in the process end up not satisfying anyone. If they even did something as subtle as bring in a 'new' DJ that isn't someone we've been hearing in the Calgary gay clubs for the past 15 years, I might reconsider going, but not in this current incarnation. Not this century, anyways. But hey, if you're going, have fun and make the best of it!

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