11 June 2007

2007 Shish-ke-babs

This weekend 12 members of the Synergy Racing club attended the Velocity Shish-ke-bab Track Meet at the Argyll Velodrome in Edmonton. It was a great weekend of fast-paced action, great results, variable weather and team bonding. Although not as well-attended this year by participants or spectators, the racing was better specifically because there seems to be a lot more parity in the racers and the teams this year than previous years. No one individual or team this weekend was able to cycle away with a decisive win in any of the events. I'm impressed by the quality of the competition this year -- no one is having an easy time maintaining their standings or position.

Felix ended up winning the Men's 1/2 Omnium, with good showings by Mike, Frank and myself. Brad ended up second in the Men's Cat 4 Omnium, and Natasha and Steph were 1/2 in the Women's A. Our new juniors also represented well -- Patrick, Derek, Elise and Gina. cp provided much-appreciated tactics and support.

Here are some pics and videos from the weekend:
Felix - Flying 200m
Mike - Flying 200m
Frank - Flying 200m
Cat 1/2 Men's Points Race
Big happy family

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