06 June 2007

Ah, good ol' creationists

In homage of the awesome Creation "Science" "Museum" that opened up in Drumheller this week:

Passing off Creationism as "Science" in a "Museum", eh? I don't care whether you want to put together displays of your Pink Unicorns or Flying Spaghetti Monsters and convince people to pay to see them either, but please, don't insult our intelligence by associating it in any way, shape, or form with Science. It is the furthest thing from it. Don't try to legitimize your 'undebateable' belief system by naming it something it is not...a theory supportable with evidence.

1 comment:

Jeff Skybar said...

I agree 150%. I saw this in the news yesterday and thought "fucking redneck Albertans with their simple country bumpkin backwards thinking." I mean hell just LOOK at our Premier, 'nuff said.