04 June 2007

Leaking and oozing

The weekend was oozing with fun. After the Thursday night Points Race blowout at the track, Natasha and I went to the Ship for some pints. The place was hopping and we had a lot of fun.

After getting through the day on Friday, the evening was Tara's b-day party/housewarming. We started out at Ryan's place then headed west to Tara's new house in Garrison Green. She had a big crowd and a food spread to die for. We spent an inordinate amount of time praying and I think I freaked out a bit around all the strangers. I was trying to communicate things to Jeff and Doug, but then Jeff would put words into my mouth that I wasn't meaning but I couldn't respond due to my retardedness, so I felt even more like an idiot than normal. On top of that was all the food smeared on Doug's face at the end of the night. Let's just say it was a relief to finally get home after that ordeal! LOL

Saturday, I got up and went to brunch with the running group, picked up a rental van and then slipped to the track to ride out the legs for an hour or so. I spent the afternoon at home doing various things and then went to Tony's for a few hours. I was home again and in bed by 10:30. 5am was coming way too early.

I picked up Nat at 6am, then onto Craig's at 6:20. We were in Pigeon Lake by 9am. Everything was prepping just fine but just before the race, I knew I had to pee, but couldn't produce anything. I knew this was going to spell trouble later on. The race started at 10:30. It was a perfect day for a good race for me - hot and sweaty! The pace was rather sedated for the mid-50kms or so and my bladder was about to explode, but I couldn't piss off the bike after a couple of attempts (I'm not sure what was with the performance anxiety yesterday???), so I thought I would have the chance to jump off the bike, piss and catch up around kilometer 70, but it was for nought. I timetrialed as fast as I could to catch the pack, but I saw them slowly roll away from me as the kilometers went by. I eventually caught up to John Bence who was having a problem with his cassette and rode to the finish line with him, where we DNFed at kilometer 80. Oh well. I rode a 20km cool down and waited for the rest of the crew to finish. We finally got out of Mulhurst around 3:30 and were back in Calgary at 6pm. The black clouds were hanging over only the city, of course, and we were getting back just in time for the Deluge.

The rain came down so fast all of the sewers were backing up on John Laurie Blvd. We exited onto 14th St. and were planning to carry on west on Northmount but around the curve there was a minivan half submerged and all the traffic was turning around and heading back east, so we did too. We finally got to Craig's place just as the rains were letting up and by the time Nat and I got back downtown, the system had pretty much caught up with the volume again.

I went for a short run tonight on the Crescent Drive ridge and noticed the Bow was running quite high today. There was a lot of debris that had swept down the goat trails on McHugh Bluff. There definitely was a lot of water dropped last night!

I'm pretty excited about the Velocity Track Meet in Edmonton this weekend. I hope things go as well for me as they did last year. It is qualifier for Master's for the Alberta Provincial Team, so I am hoping for good things out of my legs!

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Jeff Skybar said...

I don't remember putting words in your mouth. I was just sitting on my carpet of wisdom most of the night. Being the ring-leader and all.