18 May 2007

What is the truth anymore?

ExxonMobil funds climate skepticism

US oil giant ExxonMobil donated $2.1 million in research grants in 2006 to dozens of groups which promoted skepticism about global warming in the American and Canadian media, according to a new study released today. The report, produced by Greenpeace USA, was based on an analysis of ExxonMobil's 2006 World Giving Report that revealed grants to 41 different think-tanks that have questioned climate change science or opposed government action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution with doomsday economic forecasts. Overall, Greenpeace estimates that ExxonMobil has donated nearly $23M to denial organizations since 1998. "It's not very obvious on their website, you don't find it unless you're really looking on the Exxon website," said Kert Davies, research director for Greenpeace USA. "So, they're not bragging about this. They don't want to show their dirty laundry. That's why we're forced to do it for them." Davies urged the company to stop funding what he called junk science, a request that was also put forward last summer by the Royal Society-- the national academy of science in the United Kingdom. But ExxonMobil insisted in its response to the Royal Society that it supported research to promote discussion on significant policy issues of relevance to the company. "These organizations do not speak on our behalf, nor do we control their views and messages," ExxonMobil said in a statement in September 2006.
(Calgary Herald 070518)


Jeff Skybar said...

Look at how fat that guys chin is. I'm sure he is storing a few barrells of oil in there alone.

RD said...

That's Lee Raymond, former King of ExxonMobil.

RD said...

He sure looks the part of fat cat corporate CEO. In fact, he embodies it (pun intended).