03 May 2007


...just before I head off to work (I'm not checking the blog at work anymore due to extenuating circumstances). I've been counting the minutes until the week is over.

The team heads to Edmonton for the Velocity Stage Race this weekend. It will hopefully be a chance to forget my troubles at work.

My team lead has been on vacation in Asia for two weeks now, another team mate leaves for California on Sunday for a week, and the company webmaster, who I do secondary support for is leaving for Europe on Sunday as well. So guess what? I get to do the job of four people for a week until people start coming back. Neato!

I'm almost hoping for a strike to start next week so there is a production environment freeze enabled, which would allow me to try to catch up. I've been so busy this week (although last night I was just lazy) to start working on my resume, but that's definitely in the cards for next week.

Off to the grind!

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