01 May 2007


Why does the world have to pass by so quickly? Whomever decided the rate at which time passes didn't think very hard about how fleeting it all actually is. I mean, the universe is and should be shaped around my existence, you know.

The weekend went by in a blur.

Friday night my brother, sister-in-law and niece came into Calgary with an old bedroom furniture set that they no longer wanted in their new house that Joe and I said we would take. We went for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and the evening at home. They spent the night and left at the same time I headed out for my run on Saturday morning.

I did my normal routine, picked up my old road bike at Calgary Cycle, headed home and soon it was time to get ready for the dinner party. Canagal and S picked us up and we headed up to Cougar Ridge for M's party. It was a lot of fun, and we didn't leave until 2am or so.

Sunday I went for a ride with Craig and Frank. I met up with BK's brother, Kevin in the evening for a beer and conversation. BK's family is going through hell. Neither the autopsy or gun reports have been released yet, so they can't collect on BK's life insurance policy and are thusly paying the mortgage, utilities, taxes and repair bills on the condo with their own money. To top it off the repair contractors are dicking around and delaying the finish date on the condo, further messing up when the place can be put on the market for sale, which is now looking like June or July.

Kevin expressed so much frustration over the handling of the murder case by the police and the legal system, how they have been continuously lied to, especially when the family was concluding quite accurately on the unfolding of events over those days in November. Instead of saying, "we can't divulge any information on that", they were sending the family on a wild goose chase of completely fabricated stories. We figured it is all to protect the classified information of the case, but who knows? Needless to say, BK's family is at their wit's end. It doesn't sound like the case against Bill Pappas will be going back to court until November 2007, and things will only proceed if there isn't another agonizing delay.


Last night Joe and I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Curse of the Golden Flower". Both were very good. I'm off to the track tonight for training, last workout at Peak Power for the season on Wednesday plus Synergy exec meeting, racing on Thursday, and then off to Edmonton for the Velocity Stage Race on Friday. We won't be back until Sunday evening, but if the weather acts out like the forecast is predicting, it might not be a very fun racing weekend.

I've been up since 5:30am investigating some work issues, and since I can't go back to bed I've been working on updating the CBTL website for Craig who is floored with work.

Speaking of work, with the outsourcing and strike looming I couldn't be more anxious to get the hell out of here. I've been on call for three weeks now, and since D will be on strike duty (and then going on A/V in a few weeks), I figure I'll have the phone for at least another 2 weeks if not longer.

I've begun the effort to update my resume and job website profiles. I've decided to start looking now, as I'm pretty fed up with what's been going on at work and am at the point to forego a severance package or alternative offer in order to just get out of there. My motivation is as low as I think it has ever been. The sooner I secure something more promising, the better.

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