24 May 2007

One Solitude, Two Solitudes...

This weather has got to end. I can't take it anymore!

If you ever needed any further evidence as to the true immensity of Canada, here it is:

Calgary, May 24: current temp 0°C, 5cm of snow on the ground. Forecasted high today, 4°C with rain.

Toronto, May 24: current temp 22°C, smog advisory. Forecasted high today, 31°C with killer smog.

The entire western half of the country is cold and dour (with the exception of the coast, as always, of course). The eastern half is basking in heat and sun.

And you wonder why sometimes we don't get along?

Another consideration of the relative isolation of Western Canada from the rest of the world - you can drive 8 hours in any direction of Calgary and the only other population centre over a half million you will pass through is Edmonton. Scary, isn't it? You would need to drive 10 hours west to get to Vancouver or 12 hours east to get to Winnipeg. The Canadian Prairies are huge. The closest American city over a half million would be Seattle. I don't think you hit a city over a half million in population if you drive south until you hit Salt Lake City (1475km) or Denver (1850km)!

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