21 May 2007

Black and White

I don't know quite what to say about this weekend. Despite all the disappointments with the venues this weekend on the social scene and my disapointments with my bike time this long weekend, I must say that at least the gang had a lot of fun! We always seem to take the party with us. I think we've also come to some good engaging conclusions about the Calgary scene and what needs to be done to improve gay venues and services in this city.

Saturday night was Fetish Night at the Calgary Eagle, where everyone was encouraged to at least wear something dark, if not tight and slinky:

Sunday night was the White Party at Twisted that we waited in line to get into and then got disgusted with the wait and bailed, ending up on 17th Ave. by the end of the night. This really sucked as we were all quite looking forward to getting into the bar. There was not many people going in, nor were there many people standing in the smoking line, so we knew the bar wasn't full by any means, however they were still making the line stand and wait. They also advertised ticket sales at the door. It was raining out (they at least had the decency to throw up some tarps to keep the people in line dry), so we said 'fuck it' and left. We left when the bouncer wasn't there to see us, unfortunately, because I certainly would have said something to the extent of, 'Man, I had all this money to spend in the bar tonight - I guess Twisted isn't going to get any of it. Too bad for them.'

I'm also not sure what the correlation is between long weekends and server cluster problems, but there certainly was no shortage of work calls this weekend either. Nothing wrecks a long weekend faster than being on call, and then actually getting called! Crappy!

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