30 May 2007


I'm sick as a dog today and didn't go to work. I've been feeling like crap since racing on Saturday, but today I just couldn't fathom going into work when I got up so I slept in until 1pm without a problem. I guess I must've been tired! I went to the track for some interval training last night, but ended up with a coughing fit so bad I puked a bit before I packed up and headed home. Nice, eh? I'm glad I shared that.

I wanted to go for a distance ride today in preparation for Pigeon Lake this weekend, but I think I'll be better off just laying low tonight. I did do a bit of work this afternoon using the support laptop to VPN into the network and I have to go into work tomorrow, plus it is Points Race night tomorrow at Thursday night racing and it's supposed to be 27°C, so I'd rather miss tonight than miss tomorrow.

I bought some Astragalus and Oil of Oregano yesterday at a natural foods store on high recommendation from some fellow racers. I'm not looking to stymie the illness I have now but attempt to generally bolster my immune system, which is weak at the best of times. Constantly hammering it with intense exercise and then blasting it with beer and prayers on the weekend does not make for a strong immune system. I hope that they help a bit!

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Matty said...

Thanks for sharing! Hope you're feeling better.