31 July 2007


Friday night Patrick and I went to the Calgary Folk Festival. It was an evening of lots of laughs in the beer gardens and an impressive performance by Neko Case. We started out at El Sombrero on 17th for dinner and then to the Festival grounds, where we watched a reggae/jazz band and then went to the main stage to watch Hawksley Workman. Sidetracked by the beer gardens we met up with lots of people we knew, and had a deep conversation pitcher before heading out for Neko. Afterwards we stopped at Joe's work and I waited for him to finish so we could go home together.

Saturday I got up for a run with the group, went to the track for a few rounds with the Saturday training crew, then caught a nap in the afternoon before the '2007 BBQ Party Endurance Night'.

We had planned to stop at four parties - Noel & Allie's, Skybar's, then one of Joe's co-workers bonfire party in Kensington, then to Jon and Sara's for the Tour de France Breakfast at 6a.m. I felt like we were totally up to the task. Things didn't quite work out that way. Joe and I got to two of the four planned parties on Saturday night, but things went awry around 3am. I'm still mad since I didn't get to visit with all the friends I haven't seen in a long time, like Malina and Debbie, Curtis and Calvin, and the rest of the gang. But we did manage to get to see Allie and Noel for a bit in the evening and then swing by Swan's to have a beer with Jerry on his last night bartending there. It was at Skybar's, again, where things went horrifically wrong! LOL

Picture Joe and I riding home at 6a.m. from Arbour Lake. Argh! Actually, I felt much better at 6a.m than I had at 3a.m. It was straight to bed though.

Sunday afternoon I got on my bike and rode down to Deer Run to meet my cousins for a game of pool and a beer at a local pub. We had a lot of fun and then they had to go home, so I hopped on the bike and headed back home. Nap time.

Patrick calls again and says he wants to go to Sunday Skool at the Hi-Fi Club. I had talked to Nat about this on Friday so I called her to see if she was still going since that's why I had originally talked to Pat about it. She wasn't but Pat and I decided to go anyway. We got there around 11pm. It was slow to pick up, but by the time we left at 1a.m. the place was quite hopping. The music was very good. Whee!

That was the weekend.

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