22 July 2007

Montréal en révu

I spent the last week hanging out in Montréal. I really didn't do much of anything. It was really nice. After the intensity of the weekend before, it was just nice to hang out and act comme un Montréalais for a few days.

Sunday night, the Bromont crew came into Montreal to spend the night pre-flight. After dropping my stuff off at Jerome and Bruce's place, I met up with the crew for dinner on St-Denis, then we walked through the Just For Laughs Festival site and bought vodka-laced smoothies.

Jerome and I went out shopping on Monday for my new kickass TredAir boots and a few other things, before settling in for pitchers on the Cafe Européen terrasse and then the terrasse at Saint-Sulpice on the way home. Jerome's long-time friend Wendy who I know too came over for a visit on Monday evening.

Tuesday, Jerome's sister Josée and her husband Stephane came into Montreal for the Def Leppard/Styx concert so we pre-partied with them in the afternoon and then Jerome, Bruce and I went to Mado to watch the drag show. I laughed so hard I cried, as they were parodying children's TV show themes that night (especially Maya the Bee -- I wish I'd caught it on video). It was priceless. We were supposed to meet Josée and Stephane there however we missed them coming in but met up with them back at the loft.

Wednesday Jerome left with Josée and Stephane for Trois-Rivières to visit with his dad who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He was going back into Quebec City for treatment on Friday. Wednesday night Bruce and I got jiggy with it and went to Le Stud to make fun of the weird and wild examples of gay lifeforms that exist there. We ended up strolling Ste-Catherine at four in the morning chatting up anyone that would listen to us, including one Macy Gray-esque Ethiopean queen who claimed to have fallen in love with a wonderful man, but was heading to the baths to celebrate rather than go to his place. Maybe the drugs had something to do with that lack of judgment.

Thursday it rained all day, so Bruce and I decided it was a good day to lay around and do nothing other than watch porn and surf the net. Only at 10:55 did we traipse down to the dépanneur to get more beer and drink again until 3am.

Friday, Jerome got back. It rained again all day and I was finally motivated to get out and do some exercise and attempt to detoxify, so I threw on the running shoes and did the run up the trails of Mont-Royal to the Cross and back down. It is a really great run on closed roads with lush foliage with a great view on the top. As I ran further up, the rains came down harder until I was in a veritable deluge by the time I got back to the loft. The run takes approximately 60-70 minutes from de Bullion and Marie-Ann on the Plateau, so I figure around 13km or so there and back. The rain also soaked through the seal on my sports watch - I think it's toast now.

Afterwards I got ready to meet up with my friend Eric and his group of friends for a rubbery night out. I had brought an outfit to pair with the new boots as I knew at some point we'd be going out. There was supposed to be a fetish night at L'Aigle Noir, but there was no one there so we went to Le Parking. There was a blackout party in the lower level which also was dead, so we spent the evening on the main dance floor with all the other non-rubberized gay boys. We sure got a lot of stares and errant groping while walking along Ste-Catherine and in the club! It was a riot. It was figured that it was a quiet Friday out since 1) a lot of the people were in Toronto this weekend for Folsom Fair North, 2) that a lot of the service industry queens are laying low to save up money for Pride weekend, and 3) the remainder are probably out camping/out of town. Too bad -- another poorly-timed weekend out, but it was exhilarating to go out with other rubber guys instead of always being the only one! Better a group of seven or eight than just me, although they thought the evening sucked. It was ground-breaking for me. One step at a time.

Fortunately, I got to practice French since a couple of the guys only spoke French (as did Josée), and I did get told by several people over the week that they were impressed with my Prairie-accented French (mind you, that's coming from people that don't speak a work of English and haven't heard me speak that language yet). We also met a totally cute guy at L'Aigle Noir that hung out with us for the rest of the night. He knew one of the guys in our group through another friend (who is a co-worker of his), but it was his first time out ever in rubber, so he was having a ground-breaking evening as well. A little unnerving for him, but fun!

Saturday was travel day. I spent the morning going out and doing some more gift shopping with Jerome (as well as waiting way too long to be served breakfast), packed, hung out and played with the pythons, rats and Bearded Dragons until the cab came to pick me up at 6:30pm. After a long 4.5hour flight I was back in the sweltering heat of Calgary. I dropped my bags at the door and headed to bed in anticipation of the big ride on Sunday.

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