19 July 2007

Track Nationals Report

The racing was fast and furious between the incessant rain showers, but Alberta decisively swept the podium at the Junior/Masters/Paralympic Track Nationals held in Bromont, Quebec from July 11-15, 2007. The Alberta Masters Men team (Reid Cummings, Reid Dalgleish, Frank Kovacs, John Plant, James Purdy, Peter Toth) took away 13 medals across all four disciplines that were held. The Pursuits were held on Friday, the Kilo and Points races on Saturday, and the Sprints on Sunday. Congratulations to all the Alberta Junior, Paralympic and Masters participants for a job well done and in particular to the winners of the National Champion jerseys that were brought home to rest in Alberta for 2007 -- six in all!
Ayyyy -- sit on it!

Master A Pursuit podium
Le souper, Quebec-style
Master A Points Race podium
Dinner in Bromont
Master A Sprint podium


Acquiel said...

Track went good... You haven't told me you were the National Champion! That is really awesome congratulations!

Hope you will have a good time out East. In my case, I was glad to be back home in Calgary... too much family in a short time :)

Comfortable Chaos said...

Wow Reid, that's amazing!Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Reid... you're the shit!