20 December 2006

..still more Xmas excess

I'm meeting Natasha at the Ship & Anchor tonight for beers. Hopefully I can convince a few others to come out as well.

It would be great to get the gang together for one last hurrah before Xmas on either Friday or Saturday.

Sean is having a party on Sunday night, but that's the night of our Xmas Eve dinner.

We've been graciously invited over to friends on Xmas Day, but I think our intent is to spend the day moving as little as possible off the couch. I will consider a run or ride that day and Boxing Day -- something Ross and I have already planned.

Our friends Noel and Allie have invited us to their place on Boxing Day for an Open House. We haven't seen them in a long time so it should be fun!

E-vites for the NYE party should hopefully be going out tonight or tomorrow...sorry for the delay.

I'll hopefully get the Holiday Train video on YouTube tonight after work.

Be well, everyone! Seasons greetings and all that jazz!


Jeff Skybar said...

Well I'm free this weekend.

jetboy747 said...

Actually, I'm free this weekend as well.

It'd be nice to get away from the Goddamn Singing Elves, the dragon, the unicorn and the dildo for a bit.

CanaGal said...

We are going snow shoeing on xmas day . . .
looking forward to your NYE bash! We are double booked, but we will certainly stop by, even if it is just for a moment to give you your bday gift

Matty said...

At least in this case the excess is too many friends and get togethers. Have a Merry Christmas and I'll be back in time for NYE.

Reid Dalgleish said...

Yeah -- good excess, for sure!