21 December 2006

More holiday inundations

Whew! It's been a nutty week and it's about to get a whole lot nuttier! I think pretty much every day for the next week and a bit is filled with some social engagement of some sort or other.

I just sent out the E-vites for the New Years Eve party. Lots of invites, and typically one gets about a 30% positive return, so we're still looking at 30 or 40 people over that night. That's a little more reasonable than the 60 we had in the apartment last year!

I've been running and working out feverishly this week in preparation of the calorie onslaught over the next few days. I'm running with Reid tomorrow and that will take me over the 100km mark for the week! I find it hard to believe I've ran that much this week. I think that's one of my highest mileage counts for a seven day period yet. More turkey for me! Yay!

Happy holidays everyone!


Comfortable Chaos said...

you sent out the E-vites hey?

Ahem...perhaps your forgot someone? Or two? ;)

Hehe, on a side note, the word verification I got for this comment was eeeyrpns.

PNS. awesome.

Reid Dalgleish said...

I sent to dleece3@telus.net. Is that address not yours anymore?

Of course you guys are invited! I hope you can come!