24 December 2006

Bringing you Christmas tidings


jetboy747 said...

Hey Reid! Merry Christmas! Didn't you get my email from Friday? Spent Thursday Christmasing.

I was going to join you guys, but my buddy flew in from LHR and the plane was late and then we got chatting and drinking and then suddenly it was 2am and he was trying to feel up underneath my blouse and unhook my bra. You know how it goes.

Sorry I missed it. But I did edit your number out over there. Was gonna give you call today, but now I'm late.

I'm thinking about NYE. I think. Cool invite. I'll let you know for sure next week.

Have a wonderful day and Xmas eve,

mixmasta_cy said...

Meery XMas Reid. I will never look at wake boarding the same again.