05 November 2008


Congratulations America! You have definitively proven once again why your political system is the most successful democracy in human history. Barack Obama's win in the presidential election yesterday proved that if the people desire change enough, their voice (vote) can definitely count. After eight years of Republican mismanagement and the resulting gloom that hung over the world like a dark cloud, the people of the U.S. stood up and said "enough is enough". I really hope that the Democrats, now that they have majority in both Houses and the Presidential seat can affect change that the people of the nation feel is sorely needed.

"Yes We Can"!

I had been very concerned that McCain (nothing against him personally) might be able to pull out a win considering the outcomes of the last two elections, but it ended up not even being a close race. I think the entire world - and most Americans - felt that the American people had absolved their responsibility as benevolent leader of the free world ("with great power comes great responsibility"), but they proved my concerns unfounded. The people have spoken, a new political generation has officially been passed the torch and the beacon of American liberty (and its effect on the entire world) shines brightly once again.

I'm very impressed and proud of you, my friends.

I can't wait to join in the party with you this weekend in Chicago! I imagine the air will be filled with celebration and joy throughout the entire city and gay community for some time to come.


Unfortunately, one bit of bad news is that the constitutional ban on gay marriage proposition in California (Proposition 8) looks to have succeeded. It looks like the hope of thousands of gay couples in that state may be quashed....for now. I know their fight for equality will not subside and I was honestly surprised by the outcome, but hey, I guess the message is that America, while ready for its first visible minority president, is not ready for gay marriage. Despite the symbolic significance of what happened yesterday indicating how far the American psyche has come when considering tolerance and diversity, one can only hope that a move to more rational thinking, scientific consideration, humanitarian concern, environmental stewardship and progressive legislation that should come with the new Administration will trickle down to the collective consciousness of a people that are on the way to embracing their diversity and special place in the world, but are not all the way there yet.

The same resistance came in Canada until gay marriage was legally instituted by the Supreme Court (it was not brought in initially by democratic legislation). Over time, though, people realized the concerns of the resistance were unfounded and now I think most of Canada has come accustomed to gay marriage...most people don't even think about it anymore, and it certainly hasn't lessened the significance of the institution of marriage for most. Most of all, Canada did not fall off the face of the Earth in apocalyptic hellfire. In time, reason might prevail in American politics and culture, and gay marriage will one day be an inherent option for any gay person in that country as well.

Hugs to you, my American friends!

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