17 November 2008

Democracy has its bad effects

I am one of the people that believe the Internet has been one, if not the greatest invention by humanity of the past century - a tool to allow for truly democratic and unrestrained sharing of information around the world. I would fight to keep the Internet unregulated and free for much longer than I would fight for shitty commercial TV, radio or the movie industry, anyday. In fact, more than any industry or institution, period.

However, with all that unbridled access and freedom come the stoopid people. They are the ones that give the Internet and intelligent discourse a very bad name. You see them commenting on blogs, discussion boards, freaking out and flaming anything that they don't agree with with dialog that can hardly be considered coherent language or train of thought. It's these people I wish could be banned from the discourse, but alas, with all the power, freedom and goodness that comes with the Internet, it's gotten to the point where anyone can participate, and unfortunately the ones that are unable to use a mouse or write a complete proof-read sentence are now able to shower us with all their great bits of wisdom. Even though they kill every intelligent thinker just a little bit more everyday by sucking the brain cells out of the human collective, they are there and flourishing.

One good thing about the economic downturn, one can only hope, is that the barriers to entry will start going up again and most of these losers will be removed from the discourse once again, allowing it to jump up a few IQ notches.

One can only hope...


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....having a minimum required IQ to blog on the internet sounds a bit fascist don't you think?

MB said...

Of course it's fascist! That's why I said it would never happen...for the democratic opportunity the Internet provides (maybe the last one we have), I'll put up with the stupid people.