12 September 2007

Try Not to Panic

I love this quip of wisdom, typed on Clusterfuck Nation this week:

Hey folks, try not to panic!

The rest of the world doesn't live in the same mental institution fantasy world as the U.S., even if many aspire to. Try getting out more and connect with something more useful and satisfying than what you have been fearful of losing.
Its doomed, so let it die. While one world decays and disappears, another is born and grows.

To have something of value, you not only have to detach from everything worthless but also be willing to redirect your energy into something worthwhile (in your own terms) each day so that at the end of each day you feel that you didn't waste another day of your own limited existence.

Intelligence is a gift that handicapped by fear has great potential to bring suffering- so please don't panic! It may sound very bright to talk alot about how we are all doomed and everything is shit, but that just makes you stupid.

Posted by: Steven1034 | September 10, 2007 at 02:50 PM

So true. I am so over being angry and frustrated; I need to divert my energy into something productive, possibly positive? I went to my first Green Party meeting on Monday night and met a great group of people that piqued my interest in getting involved in the political process. Whether through volunteering time to re-vamp the Alberta Greens website, or working on policy development, I have a lot of ideas I'd like to channel into something more positive. Green Party is based on grassroots, localized policy development, and I truly do believe this is the only paradigm that is going to be able to nurture the ideological revolution the rich, first-world nations so desperately need to go through in order for the planet to remain habitable. I plan to attend the next meeting in two weeks! Unfortunately I already find myself spread pretty thin with my volunteer obligations, so I think it's time to re-prioritize things again.

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