12 September 2007

One Night in New York City

Admittedly, I don't think the promoters did a very good job at promoting this event, and when I did finally get talking to Tom, he didn't come across as being very impressed with things on the PR side either -- not that I got into much detail about whether he blamed the promoters for the small turnout or was just pissed with the Calgary crowd in general for not showing up (maybe that's just my paranoia). Whatever - his set was great and I loved all the new tunes in the playlist. The beer was cheap, the regular Legion staff were very accommodating, and I got to hang out with my 'I wish boyfriend' once again in his environment behind the decks. I really wonder why they didn't promote this event more in the Calgary gay community? I mean, in any other city, Tom Stephan has a huge gay following and many of the events he plays are circuit parties in superclubs. Most DJs like playing intimate venues too, but this was beyond intimate. It was a Royal Canadian Legion, fer chrissakes! I thought the choice of venue was interesting and different in an original kind of way, and that's why I made even more of a point to go. They actually did a really good job of setting up props, tapestry and lighting, at least in the main room. The Breaks room upstairs was pretty bare of decorating to make it into 'a NYC-style nightclub'. I really hope Tom wasn't so pissed off he'd never come back to Cowtown, but if he never did, I wouldn't really blame him.

No worries though. I'd go anywhere to see my most favorite DJ.

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