26 September 2007

Shock Doctrine

Naomi Klein has a new book out that looks really interesting, Shock Doctrine – the Rise of Disaster Capitalism. “The Shock Doctrine is the story of the secret history of the free market over the past 30 years. Spanning Thatcher’s Britain, ‘shock and awe’ Iraq, Pinochet’s Chilie, Sri Lanka after the Tsunami, ‘End of History’ Russia, and New Orleans in the wake of Katrina, Its’ analysis and narrative are orientating and inspiring and adventurous. It is naming and explaining one of the key ideas behind processes which many in this country and beyond have been witnessing, subjected to and resisting over the years.”

Alfonso Cuaran, who directed Y Tu Mama Tambien and Children of Men has made a short 5 minute film that illustrates some of the themes of the book, and I am posting it here. And the Guardian has published a few chapter of the book already that you can read here and there’s a general website for the book here.

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Comfortable Chaos said...

I was looking at this book just the other day - can't WAIT to read it!