21 August 2007

Get the Lead Out!

Yeah - it's been a great, busy, summer, and suddenly - Facebook has taken everyone's life...

....the blogs have been sadly quiet this summer.

The season of the autumnal equinox is looking very positive with lots of events and crap going on.

First of all and the only thing I want to report at this minute:

OMG! OMG! My most favorite DJ in the world is playing -- IN CALGARY!!!!

I never thought he would ever play here. Ever. Like, how backwater is Calgary compared to NYC and London? It doesn't matter. Sept 8. And get this -- the venue? The Downtown Royal Canadian Legion! It doesn't get any more kitschy atmospheric than that, children. I'm looking forward to it. $20 in advance. Does anyone want to go with me? Plus, like, I finally get to see what the inside of the Legion looks like. And see Mr. Cutie Tom Stephan again.
And to add to that, the Thrillseekers are playing at the Warehouse on Friday, September 7. It could very well end up being a raucous weekend of dancing, music and laughter.

It's been a fantastic summer. I just can't believe how quickly it's gone by. Is this the way it goes from here on? The summer's just go by faster the older you get. Just like everything else, I guess. Whatever. Life's for the living...you can't take anything with you other than the experiences you had. That's only only mantra you have to live by - Carpe Diem.

The autumnal equinox is looking up. See you at Superchumbo!

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doug said...

Oh,I could be conviced to go! Its a Saturday too which rocks for all us professional RAVERS!